Analyzing Viola From The Movie

Dyannah Whitfield

Viola's Identity

Viola has a lot of courage because she went to her brothers school and pretend to be a guy to prove the guys soccer team at her old school that she is just as good to be on the guys soccer team. In the movie her boyfriend said that she was just say good as half the boys on the soccer team and later in front of his friends he said that a girl is not good enough to be on the guys soccer team. Viola believes that she is independent. She takes control of her life and dose not let being a women define her. Because viola is a women she is not able to provide for herself like she should be able to. Only a man is able to provide and able to keep a stable place.
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Viola's Gender

Viola is more of a tom boy because she does not like wearing dresses or putting on makeup viola would rather be in her soccer uniform in the soccer field. At her old school she played soccer for the girls soccer team and all the boy soccer players down graded her because of her gender. therefor at her other school while pretending to be her brother the soccer team there did not care once they found out she was a girl because she played just as good as any of the boy players. Viola did not let her gender confine her. Viola's gender impacts her life a lot because she is a women and can not do things that men are able to do. for example she is not able to care for herself are keep a job it is hard to provide because women are limited to things and men were the ones who provided for the women.
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Perception's of Viola

people believe that viola is very weird for a guy because of the way he would talk about females and how they should be treated. She speaks about women about how she would like to be treated from a women's perspective. People soon see Viola as cool because when they were at cesarios they did not want viola to sit with them cause he was weird until they saw all the females coming up to him and they were all really pretty. Then, the others thought Viola was really cool because he could get all the girls.people that cesario work for think that is a hard worker. cesario is also a loyal to who ever he is working for and he is working for duke orsino. this is different from how viola views herself because when she is working for duck orsino she is pretending to be someone she is not to protect her self. because women are not allowed do the work that a man would.

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Similarities and Differences

some similarities that viola and I both have is that were are loyal to our friends and will do anything for them and our friend are loyal back. in the movie when viola was covering for her brother he friends were covering for her and helping her threw what she was doing. another thing have in common is that we would both cover for our brothers if we really needed to. some differences that me and viola have is that she is very chill and relaxed and I am very high strung. viola is more of a physical althet because she would rather play soccer and get down and dirty on the other hand I am more of a artistic althet because I rather take a dance class than be muddy o a field. another thing is that her parents are very absent in her life and the choices she makes when my parents are always on top of things that im doing and where I am at. the last difference is that viola does not like to dress up or wear make up she rather dress causal and I rather dress up and look nice and do my make up. viola and I share some similarities such as we both have a brother. in todays society you to do not have to pretend to be a man you can work how and where you would like women are also equal to men. another difference is that I enjoy dressing you and wearing dresses and viola did not she would rather dress more relaxed.
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