Clearwater Middle School

Grub Days at Clearwater

Clearwater Middle School (CMS) recognizes and respects individuality which can be demonstrated in several positive ways in the school environment. During Grub Days, we will relax the dress code policy and allow students to dress in casual clothing. These days are announced in advance and students are permitted to dress appropriately in casual clothing.

Please note: Students who do not participate in grub day are required to wear the full school uniform.

Why do we have grub days?

  • Reward students for positive behaviour.
  • Raise money for school programs (i.e. trips, special events, etc.)
  • Make donations to community organizations.
  • Encourage parental involvement by attending meetings and workshops.

Criteria for grub day attire:

Students may not wear or carry the following:

  1. Bandanas; hats; headscarves; sunglasses; toy or 3-D glasses; do rags; stocking caps; sweat bands; cropped outerwear; or any non-approved CMS-affiliated spirit wear.
  2. Bedroom shoes, slippers, crocs, or cleats.
  3. The following tops are not permitted under any circumstances: sleeveless undershirts (white tees worn as a shirt), spaghetti strap, tight, see-through, off the shoulder/exposed shoulder, large neck-hole, bare midriff, or revealing undergarments.
  4. Skirts and shorts must not be shorter than the fingertip when the student's arm is extended along their side.
  5. Leggings/tights may not be worn as bottom garments.
  6. Clothing with holes, rips, tears, are not permitted under any circumstances.
  7. Shirts with inappropriate graphics, play-on-words, innuendos, drugs, alcohol, or gang affiliation, etc. are not permitted under any circumstances.
  8. Make-up, nail polish and coloured hair or highlights is not permitted.
  9. Cell phones, cameras, electronic devices, IPADs, game systems, and any other similar electronics are not allowed to be accessed, seen, heard, or used once on the school premises. Items will be confiscated for a term! CMS will not be responsible if these items are lost, damaged, or stolen.

Clearwater Middle School administration may use their discretion in determining whether or not dress, style, or accessories are inappropriate or distracting to the educational environment. The administration also has discretion to amend the dress code if circumstances deem it necessary.

Students who are dressed inappropriately will be required to change into something appropriate, use clothing in the lost and found, or sent home to change. If a student is sent home to change, they are expected to return to school.

Picture gallery of unacceptable clothing attire for grub days.

Wear Appropriate Clothing To School On Grub Days

If not, you will be asked to change, get some clothes from the lost and found, or go home to change. *Repeat offenders risk not being able to participate in Grub Days at Clearwater Middle School.

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