Mirror Messages

Amina, Sherice, & Jermaine

The Problem

The problem is that by age 13, about 53% of American girls are unhappy with their bodies. By 17, it's 78%

Our Plan

We are planning to buy numerous packs of sticky notes and write encouraging words on it. These words are meant to uplift people and make people think and feel better about themselves. We plan to take pictures and selfies with the notes to show as evidence for completing our campaign. We will begin on Monday, April 11th, 2016 in William Penn High School during period 3.


This movement is important because many teens (both boys and girls) are upset with their lives and their looks. Because of this, many teens take their own lives because they do not like their lives but we want to encourage each other and make us loves ourselves.


Encouraging Others

1. Encouraging and caring for someone can make someone feel so much better.

2. Encouragement causes a cord of love and promotes happiness.