"The Bulldog-Toss"

A Tiger Amusement Concept

Computer Model

RED: 4 Wide Rubber Bands & 2 Thin Rubber Bands

TAN: 11 Large Popsicle Sticks & 8 Small Popsicle Sticks

BLACK: 30 cm of Wire, 3 cm of string, & 1 Nail

BLACK: Holder/Trigger

TAN: Overall Catapult

(Problems We Faced As A Team)

  • In the beginning, our catapult could not balance by itself, so we had to add a few popsicle sticks on the bottom of the catapult.
  • We ran out of rubber bands so had to position them in different places to make sure the catapult was secure.
  • We also had trouble with the trigger staying glued to our catapult.

Construction Process

Energy Analysis

When the catapult was sitting, ready to fire, the catapult was full of potential energy. When the catapult was taken off of the trigger, there was a snap noise from the many popsicle sticks. This would be sound energy. When the catapult flew forward to let the ball go, this was mechanical energy. When the catapult went through different stages, the catapult had different energys.

Summary Discussion of Project

Group Interaction: Everyone in the group had their own roles throughout the project. Whether it was working on the catapult or finishing up the Smore Flyer, we were all kept busy. Most of the time, the guys were working on the catapult, gluing and constructing the popsicle sticks. While they were doing that, I mainly made the Smore Flyer look gorgeous.

Problems That Occurred: A few of the problems my group faced were running out of rubber bands, not being balanced, and materials not staying put on our catapult. Even though we face these issues, we were able to fix them by staying focused and positive and working together.

Ideas for Next Year's Project: To make next year's project even better, I would allow students to take the catapults home so they could have more time to decorate their catapult. This would make it more fun for the students. It would also be better if we were able to use more than rubber bands and popsicle sticks (basic materials, etc.) It would be more exciting if we were given more extreme materials.