Athens Vs. Sparta

Sparta over Athens

Sparta Achievements

There were very few legends in Sparta It is said to have been founded by Lacedaemon, the son of Zeus and Taygete, who married Sparta, the daughter of Eurotas.

Sparta isn't known for its philosophical, architectural, or artistic achievements, but for for its military process. The public educational system was admired almost universally by contemporaries and praised by philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle

There were many achievements in Sparta. It was the first democracy in recorded history, possibly predating Athenian democracy by more than 200 years. It was the only Greek City-state to introduce a land reform, develop a complex system of mutual-defense treaties and interceded repeatedly to restore democracy to other city-states which were seized by tyrants. It was the only Greek City-state in which women enjoyed elementary rights such as the right to inherit and to public education.

The clash between Sparta and Athens came with an incident at the Athens city of Plataea. Archidamos invaded Attica in the spring of 431 BC since Athens had decided not to start a land battle with Sparta it started the Peloponnesian war which lasted for 28 years. The first ten years of the war were named "Archidamios.

Evidence of Sparta over Athens

Sparta was more directed towards military capabilities, while the Athenians were more interested in comfort and culture. There were many factors that empowered Sparta and led to the development of an authoritative and potent state. Spartans had a strong army where the Athens had a good navy. Some people think that education was more powerful then war. Because Sparta was stronger there were able to come in and defeat Athens. In Sparta girls grew up with education and care. They married to whom they choose, and not earlier than 18 .In Athens girls were treated worse than helots in Sparta, and did not receive education and had pre-arranged marriage in their early teens.