Attributes and Barriers

Personal Attributes valued by Employers

Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

Technical knowledge - Having technical knowledge as an employee is really important as when you’re working within a big company, you always come across technical difficulties and the employers always recruit staff who have a good sense of solving the technical problems and that they can overcome it. This is one of the main attributes that are valued by employers in all IT Departments. Another reason why this is much valued by employers is because now a days, most of the work at companies is based on computers and this is why they want to hire employees who are multi-skilled.

Health and safety – this is also one of the main issues while you working for a company as if you don’t have good technical knowledge and good working attitude, you are tend to misuse the company’s products as you don’t have the knowledge of using it and this can turn out to be really harmful for you and the people who are working with you. Another reason can be that If you are unwell, you should stay off work until you recover. Going to work with a ‘flu or a virus and giving it to everyone else in the office is not acceptable.

Work attitude – in order to do well at you work place, you need to make sure that you go there with a good working attitude which would be much valued by the employer you’re working for. Having good attitude towards your work keeps you motivated and helps you keep up the good work. However, if you are unhappy with the work you’re doing and have a negative attitude towards your work or job, you will not be motivated which can cause many problems for you and the company you’re working for. This can also lead you to get fired out of work.

General Communication Skills - In order to have ‘General Communication Skills’, you will have to be able to adapt and alter the content, tone, and style of your communication. This will enable you to engage the audience, and also satisfy their required needs or expectations. General Communication Skills allows you to communicate with an audience on a basic level through, voice modulation, use of technical terminology, changing intonation and so on. When using technical terminology, you must make sure that the message you are trying to communicate to an audience is clear and simple. This is extremely important, as it helps to avoid any barriers to communication.

Interpersonal Skills - Interpersonal Skills allows you to express a message or emotion through the use of verbal communication and active engagement. It also enables you to communicate in several ways including sign language, lip-reading, facial expressions, body language and many more. Some people choose to communicate through the use of facial expressions and body language as other means of communication.


Background Noise/Distraction - Background noise is another barrier which you have to consider. If you are doing a presentation or talking to a group of people, it is very distracting for both you and the audience if there is noise outside etc.

Lack of Concentration - Lack of concentration is quite a big one as well. This can be both a barrier to you as well as the audience. If you are giving a presentation and you are not concentrating, this can lead the audience to think that you don't know what you're talking about or, in effect, can make the audience lose their interest and eventually not concentrating.