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April Newsletter - Volume 5 Issue 4

Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22nd. Its a day to remind us to value nature and how important it is. Here are a couple of ideas you can do with your little ones to help them appreciate nature and spend some time outside.

Photograph nature. Snap shots of plants, trees, rocks, and animals in your neighborhood. Print and hang the photos in your kitchen to remind yourselves of what you’re preserving when you choose to recycle, dispose of trash properly, and use biodegradable cleaning products.

Watch the clouds. Lie on a blanket or cuddle on a stoop as you hunt for hippos, lizards, and lions. Afterward, together to discover simple things your family can do to keep our skies blue.

Play an I Spy game where you take turns pointing out birds, flowers, and leaves. Ask your child if she thinks those animals and plants are part of nature like the ones she might find in a protected area such as a national park. Then pose this question: If these animals and plants are also part of nature, shouldn’t we protect them, too?

Gaze upon the stars. Download Google’s Sky Map app for Android phones or Vito Technology’s Star Walk appfor iPhones. Then explore nearby constellations together. Discuss how one star looks tiny but is actually huge and how, like a star, one act of kindness to our Earth seems small but makes a big difference.

Click It: If you’re interested in making your child’s school a more eco-friendly learning environment in small ways or grand, this site is for you. It offers real school examples, instructions, and support for green projects. Plant a vegetable garden? Adopt a park? It’s in there.

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April 2014 Calendar of Events

April 3rd: 18 months and younger play date at Kelly's at 11:00 am

April 9th: Story time at the Vining's library at 11:30 am

April 11th: Park play date at Taylor Brawner Park at 3:30 pm

April 15th: Play date at Jen Rodriguez's house at 10:30 am

April 18th: Easter Egg Hunt and potluck at Stephanie's at 10:00 am. Please sign up to bring a dish, beverage or plastic ware.


April 23rd: Outdoor chalk party at Melissa's at 10:30 am

April 24th: Play date at Jen Nolf's at 2:30 pm

April 26th: Family Event; Jonquil 5K run at 7:00 am. Please register you and your family if you plan on attending. There is also a tot trot that begins at 9:00 am for the kiddos.

April 28th: A day outside at Morgan Falls at 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Pack a picnic lunch.

April 29th: Mom's Night In...lets try something different and do a moms night in APPETIZER RECIPE EXCHANGE and a beverage to pair (alcoholic or not) at Stephanie's at 8:00 pm. Make your favorite appetizer and beverage and bring it for everyone to sample along with printed out recipes for others to take home.

Election Time!!

It's getting close to election time for the new executive board. Here is a description of the duties for each position. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else please let any of the board members know.


- To preside at meetings

- To act as liaison with other organizations and the community

- To organize the local group's activities with the help of VP and the executive board

Administrative Vice President:

- To assist the President in fulfilling her duties of office

- To assume the duties of President when she is not available

- To coordinate the service project details

Membership Vice President:

- To promote membership in the group

- To publicize the group in the community

- To assist the Treasurer in the collecting of dues


- To compile a roster of all members

- To coordinate or prepare any correspondence necessary for the support group

- To take minutes of business, special and executive board meetings


- To be responsible for all funds of the group, to deposit all such funds in the name of the group in such banks, trust companies or other depositories as shall be selected by the executive board

- To maintain financial records of the group and to keep those records available for review

- To receive and legally disperse any funds as directed by the executive board