By:Carissa Levingston

My Service

I am offering to help and come watch your children while you are away. I love to play and entertain children and make them feel comfortable while you are away. My service offers that your children will be safe and entertained while you are out of the house.

My Fee

My fee for babysitting is $6 an hour for one child. For any additional children it will only be $1 more per hour.

What I can do

I can babysit children from 5 months of age to 10 years of age.

My Training

I went to a Safe Sitter course and learned many techniques in which I can use to safely watch your child or children. I am certified in CPR and in the Hemlock maneuver. I know all the skills needed to handle children of all age groups. I will know what to do in any situation given to safely solve it.

Contact Me

Please give me a call or leave me a message and I can get to you as soon as possible. I would love to babysit your children!