Technology Troubleshooting Tips

December 2015

Tip #1: Wifi Problems

While we cannot troubleshoot the wifi itself, there are a few things you can have your students try when they can't seem to get connected.
1. Have the student turn the Chromebook wifi off and back on.

Start with the simplest solution. Sometimes refreshing the wifi connection is all it takes to get things going.

2. When students encounter the "Unable to Connect to the Proxy Server" error, have them reset their Chromebook settings.

Check out the three images below for how to do it!

Tip #2: "My Chromebook is Broken"

A student showed me this one, and he's seen students use it against teachers. There is way students can press a few keys and make it look like their Chromebook is broken. But there is an easy fix!

IT Work Tickets

Please make sure that any time you or your students are experiencing technology problems, you are using the online work ticket system. This can be used to report problems with the wifi, account issues in Schoology, or any other technology issue you need help with.

Remember, if we don't submit these requests, the district cannot get an accurate idea of what kinds of problems we are experiencing!