Come and stay at Jutar!

Jake Duffy

Some things you should know about Jutar!

The diameter of Jutar is 17,858 Kilometers. Jutar's distance from its star is 2.6 million Kilometers. That's pretty far away! It is very hot on Jutar so all year round is summer time. The temperature on Jutar is 2,130 Degrees Kelvin. Everyday is basically new years on Jutar. A year on Jutar is less than one earth day. In fact, it is exactly 20.5 Hours in one year on Jutar. I would be 5,110 years old on Jutar (I'm 14 on earth).

Diagram of Jutars orbit

Facts and important information about Jutar!

Fun Facts:

1. It is the smallest exo-planet known to date.

2. The gravity on Jutar is twice as strong as the gravity on Earth.

3. Jutar is so close to its star that it is hot enough to make he surface of the planet Molten Hot Lava.

There has been some problems with living here but we found away around them. For example, it is very hot on Jutar. But we have managed to build a cooling system to keep Jutar on a temperature were we can live on. The planet is very small so people will have to house together. The planet Is a rocky planet so we smoothed out most of the land so we could build homes for people to live on. Anyways that concludes everything so come on down and live on Jutar.

How much would i weigh???

I would weigh 3.511536 x 10^26 kilo grams on Jutar.