LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministries at First Baptist Covington

Hey, everybody!

Happy Winter Break! I hope everyone is enjoying a nice time of relaxation today.

Prayer Breakfast is here to help you jump back into things tomorrow morning at 7am or 8am.

LIFT is on as usual this week. We'll mashup some celebrity faces, sing our hearts out, and finish up our series on God's Glory! You can check out a summary of last week's message below, along with some follow-up questions.

Youth Choir is back! They meet Sundays at 5pm. The first portion of practice will be basic voice lessons (which most people pay for), followed by working on actual songs. Come check it out!

LifeLine is actually off this week. We will have just gotten back from the MS Mystery Retreat, and chances are we will be wiped out!

Speaking of...The Middle School Mystery Retreat is happening this weekend! It is going to be an amazing time! Unfortunately, I can't really tell you about it, because it's a secret...thus, the "mystery." Either way, you can find the details I can divulge and the packing list HERE. PLEASE GET TO THE ANNEX AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN AFTER SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!! We have an appointment to meet, and don't want to be late!

The Wednesday Night Supper Schedule that you signed up for is below. Let me know if you'd like to fill in one of the gaps!


February 19th-21st - Middle School Mystery Retreat! $100

April 2-7 - Honduras Mission Trip to Orphanage Emmanuel.

May 22 - Graduate Sunday

June 5-10 - Summer Camp @ Crossings Camp in Kentucky! $350

Summary of Last Week's Message From LIFT!

As we established before, God's Glory is the revelation of His presence and character. This has come in many ways...the beauty of creation, inborn morality, and the Bible...but this week we addressed the very clearest and most important expression of God's Glory: Jesus himself. The incarnation is challenging to understand. Jesus was fully God and fully man at the same time. The Messiah didn't come in the way that many desired or expected. But, in Christ we see the fullest expression of God's Glory. Though there are many specific ways that God's Glory is expressed through Christ, we pointed out His wisdom and righteousness, His miracles, His extravagant love, and His death and resurrection. Seeing God's presence and character expressed through Christ is foundational for our faith.

Follow-Up Questions for Parents

· What does “incarnation” mean?

· Why is it so hard to understand?

· How would you explain to someone that Jesus is fully God and fully man at the same time?

· In what ways did God express His glory and presence through Jesus that we mentioned?

· What ways did God express His glory through Jesus that we didn’t mention?

· How does all this affect your faith?