ACT Testing Strategies

BY: Carlos Rodriguez

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Math Strategies

Attack word problems with confidence-

Watch out for layered concept

Glance at the answers

Quality over quantity

memorize formulas ( no way around it need to know)


Annotate the information

Practice recognize the passage types and complete passages of the same type together

Don't let jargon confuse you


Slow down, and don't rush through it

Read and annotate the passage

Read the answer so you know what to look for

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Make prediction

Clear and Concise

Remember the grammar and punctuation rule

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General Strategies

1.Guess Method: if you don't know the answer try to go what with you think is right.

2.Materials need: #2 pencil, calculator, water, paper, and you

3. Skip the difficult problems: if you don't you will spend to much time on the hard problem and not get it finished.

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