Bornean Orangutans by Mikaela

2nd of December 2015

The Bornean Orangutan

The Pongo Pygmaeus also known as the Bornean Orangutan is found in Borneo where the temperature is warm. The vegetation there is Jungle trees and fruit and they are an omnivore. Bornean Orangutans have fur that is either red, Orange, brown, Grey and black which they use to camouflage. They can weigh from 30 to 90 kg and are very intelligent.

These intelligent animals can protect their hands from straining by walking with their hands in fists and they hold leaves above their heads as an umbrella. They have can swing from tree to tree. The clouded leopard and the tiger hunt the Bornean orangutans for food. The orangutans eat fruit, bark and insects. The infants (babies) look like tiny peanuts, the mother can only have one baby at a time.

The Bornean orangutan communicates by making many different sounds and when a predator comes close they climb up high on a tree and wrap themselves around a tree with its young on its back. When they have found food they do not eat it straight away instead they go back to a tree and eat it there. These animals are endangered but we still need to save them.

These animals are dying because of fires in Borneo so to help them survive you can foster one of these intelligent animals. So help these helpless animals as they are cute, friendly and have a great personality.

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