Jan. 25-29

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Events:

* Outdoor Ed forms due Feb 11

* Jogathon envelope coming home Monday (start getting sponsors)

* No school for students on February 12 (Staff Development Day)

Questions to ask:

* did you go to any office hours this week to ask for help on Math?

* do you feel ready to take a test on Monday?

* of the following areas, which do you need to study or ask for help: ratios, rates, unit rates, unit price, proportions, percent?

* Did you go to Open Lab on Monday for History?

* Did you have your study guide the day of the History test? Why was that important?

* Tell me about your GRAPES project for Ancient India.

* What are you looking forward to about studying Ancient China?

* Tell me about “The Bittersweet History of Chocolate.”

* What was your thesis statement for your claim? (Arguing to keep the penny in circulation or remove the penny from circulation)

* Did you have your claim writing in on-time? If not, what did you do to solve the problem?

* Tell me three things you learned about earthquakes that you didn’t know before.

* Did you go to Open Lab on Thursday at lunch? What did you do when you were there?

* What do you want to learn about volcanoes?

* What's happening in Percy Jackson?

* How was the Jog a thon Kick-off Assembly?

Fred/Mildred File (No Name Papers)

To help prepare for Middle School and develop personal responsibility:

1. a student should write his or her name (first, last, and number) on the top of all papers according to classroom format.

2. In the event that a student turns in a paper with no name, there is a No Name file in both classrooms. Students may check the “Fred/Mildred File” to see if the missing paper is in the no name bin.

3. No name work will be accepted for partial credit, up to 1 week late. We currently have 5+ papers in the Mildred file.


· Many students have expensive pencils (and pens) they have brought from home.

· We are now having to deal with lost pencils and pens, and possible theft of those items.

· It is draining away important time from our lessons.

· Our suggestion is that maybe those special items can now be kept at home. If a student has a special pencil and wants to keep bringing it, we recommend making it clear to whom it belongs, and keeping it in an easy to track/hard to get to location. Thanks for your understanding.


1. Gradebooks are available on the Parent Portal.

2. We recommend you schedule Aeries to send you a report once a week.

3. Remember to have your child responsible for investigating missing grades (no name? check in binder?).

4. The purpose of online gradebooks is to facilitate communication between you and your child regarding work habits and progress. A quick check-in each day with your child would be great to see if daily work was turned in on time.

5. Turnaround time for grading is based on numbers of papers collected and types of assignments.

6. Thanks for your support and encouragement of your child developing personal responsibility for school work and learning how to communicate with teachers regarding questions and concerns. This is a skill that will have a BIG payoff in the middle school and high school years!

Outdoor Education

* The first deadline for Outdoor Ed is coming up…all Consent and Health forms are due on Thursday, February 11th.

* Thanks to everyone who has sent in paperwork and checks!

* Checks can be made out to Alderwood Elementary School in the amount of $320 (Or you can send in partial payments). Make sure to put child's name on memo line.

Please see the 6th Grade Smore page for more on Outdoor Ed (click button below).