Advertising Analysis

Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

York Peppermint Patty- "Venus"

The product in this ad is a York Peppermint Patty, which is basically a mint patty covered in chocolate. The ad is displaying a lady biting into the patty and showing how the patty could "blow you away" with its flavor. The ad can be intended for all ages, except maybe those of younger age such as 6 or 5 may not understand what the ad is trying to show. The ad appeals Pathos because the ad is trying to appeal to your emotions by saying It's going to give you that sweet and cool sensation once you bite into the patty. The ad is trying to convince you that the patty will give you a great feeling of joy from the flavor. The purpose of the ad is to try out the York Peppermint Patty because it's going to be one of the best patties you will ever taste. The ad shows that by someone actually trying the patty and expressing what it feels. I feel like the ad is effective because I'm convinced to try it and see for myself if it's really going to "blow me away." I'm also tempted to taste it and see if it's one of the best patties I've ever tasted.

IPhone 6S- Ridiculously Powerful

The product in this ad is the IPhone 6s, which is a cell phone created by Apple. The ad displays the IPhone 6S and how Ridiculously Powerful it is. For example it can be used to film, play video games, track your exercise and health, pay something at the store. But, you take it to another level. We're talking about filming movies directly from your phone and not only tracking your running but even your dog's. Now your able to pay directing from your phone using Apple Pay. The ad is intended for teenagers, young adults, and adults who are thinking of getting a new phone or switching out their old phone for the IPhone 6s. The ad appeals Logos because not only is it just showing out the new phone it states facts about the new phone and what it can do that's better than ever. The whole purpose of the ad is showing out the IPhone 6s, saying that it's better than any other phone and how Apple has made it the best. Everyone has to go out and get it now because you're not going to buy a phone like a IPhone 6s. I believe the ad is effective because the commercial is showing evidence that it's a good phone and it can do many things that other phones can't. Plus it looks really good and it comes in four fine colors.

The Real Cost- "Your skin"

The product in this ad is cigarettes, which is tobacco wrapped in a cylindrical shape covered with a white paper that's brown at the end. In the ad, a young girl goes to the gas station to buy some cigarettes and the woman at the counter says she needs more. The young girl decides to tear off skin from a cheeks, which left wrinkles behind. The woman at the counter said she'll see her again soon. The ad is trying to display that if you smoke at such a young age you'll get wrinkles faster and you'll look older than your actual age. The intended audience is for teenagers who are thinking that smoking will make you cool and it actually won't. The ad appeals Logos because it's stating facts about the side effect that smoking can cause to your skin at a young age. The purpose of the ad is to persuade teenagers into not smoking at a young age because it will have some consequences. It's not just going to ruin your skin. It's also going to ruin your lungs and your heart and even your brain. I believe the ad is effective because teenagers are all about having perfect skin and looking great and knowing what tobacco can do to your body you wouldn't want to be looking awful. Another thing to know is your going to be spending money every week of every month on cigarettes. Imagine the money your wasting on something that's so unnecessary. Your wasting your money on something that can eventually lead to your death.
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iPhone 6s - Ridiculously Powerful
The Real Cost Commercial: "Your Skin"