The Point System

What criteria should determine Canadian immigration policy?

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Types of Immigrants

Economic immigrants include skilled workers and business immigrants. In both cases, if one person qualifies, all the members of the immediate family qualify.

To be accepted as a skilled worker, a person must receive 67 points in a points system that is designed to identify which people are most likely to become successful residents of Canada.

Business class immigrants must show immigration officials both a willingness and an ability to make a significant financial contribution to Canada's economy. A larger investment is needed in Ontario, Quebec, B.C, and Alberta, and a smaller investment is required for other provinces and territories. Why is this?

Family immigrants - the purpose of this category is to allow Canadian residents to reunite their families by bringing their close relatives to Canada. Every family immigrant must be sponsored by a relative in Canada.

Humanitarian (refugees) - a refugee is someone who fears cruel or inhumane treatment (or even death) in his or her home country.

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A Brighter Future - Journey to Canada: Stories of Refugees

Apply to Immigrate to Canada - The year is 2030


Some people say that business immigrants get into Canada much more easily than others (they only need 35 points instead of 67) because they are rich. Do you think this is a fair statement. Why or Why not?

Action: Apply to Immigrate to Canada

Close your eyes for a moment and pretend you are planning to immigrate to Canada from another country (the year is 2030) - you are now about the median age of Canada's current new immigrants (in 2014).

Think about your future life - What will you be doing? How much education will you have? What is your lifestyle? What will your family look like?


1. How many years of schooling do you have?

2. Do you have any degrees / diplomas?

3. Which school did you attend, and in which country?

Language Ability:

1. Do you speak/read/write in English and / or French?

2. How did you learn to speak this language(s)?


1. How many years experience did you have before you decided to come to Canada?

2. What sort of work did you do?

3. Do you have a job already arranged for you in Canada, or do you need to find a job when you get here?


1. Are you married?

a) If yes, what kind of education does your spouse have?

b) What sort of experience does your spouse have?

2. Do you already have any family living here?


1. Calculate your score in the future.

2. Paragraph:

What do you think about the test? Is it fair? Do you think that people born in Canada should have to take and pass this test? Why or why not? How do you feel about the Canadian immigration system? Be sure to have a topic sentence that clearly supports your point of view, supporting points, and a concluding sentence.