Presentation for Interview

By: Rebecca Guirguis


I had to go to two colleges to get the job i wanted. I had to go to TCU to get my bachelors and Texas University to get my Doctorate. in total my education cost 231,580 dollars.


I am a veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital in Frisco Texas. My yearly salary is $96,140 and my gross monthly income is 8,011. My income taxes are 24,035 so i just subtracted that by my salary and got 72,105 for my net income. My requirements are that i must have a doctorate and cant be allergic to any animal I work with.


Im leasing BMW 8I sedan 2015 that had the purchase price of 38,980 dollars. The monthly payment of the car is 538 dollars, gas is 350 dollars, and insurance is 138 per month. that added all together is 1,020 dollars for transportation.


The purchase price of my house was 259,000 and mortgage was 1,279 dollars. Electricity with Penny Wise was 108 dollars a month, water was 20 dollars, Internet with cable was 34.98 a month, and home insurance with ASB was 213 dollars. The total was 1,637 dollars for housing.


for living i spend 143.82 a month on groceries, 120 a month on phone plans, and 1,241 on activities and clothing was 500 dollars. The total for living was $1,861, which was over my budget so i took some money out of what i had left over from the budgets.


For my family i was married and had 1 kid and 1 dog. My child care was 5.19 per month with Gerber Life and Health insurance was 135$ for the entire family. The total for Family was $140.19 per month.