WJHS At Home Instruction

WJHS April 22, 2020 Update

Check Student Progress in Edgenuity Family Portal - 4/22 Update

To check your students progress on coursework in Edgenuity, please request access to Edgenuity Family Portal. It does two things:

1. You can get daily or weekly emails on your childs progress

2. You can get access to family portal to check on your students progress anytime.

Please complete the form below to request access to Edgenuity Family Portal. This will allow you to monitor your child's progress in Edgenuity. Access will not be immediate, and could take us 24-48 hours or longer to setup depending on number of requests. Once you have been setup, we will email you information on how to access the portal.


Activities from your Counselors - Week of 4/13 & 4/21

Check out these great...Activities from your Counselors

Student Athletic & Other Drop off / Pick Up days - 4/22 Update


We are planning pick up & drop off days & times for next week to pick up & drop off athletic/cheer/dance/pe/majorettes gear, medications, and UIL awards. Please be checking email & listening for calls from school with more detailed information about days, times, and procedures.

Thank you,

William Ripley

Yearbook Distance Learning Photos - 4/22 Update

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our learning platform for the remainder of 2020 it is only appropriate that we include some distance learning photos in the yearbook. Please take a moment to snap your child's photo working on the computer, reading outside, etc. and share it with Mrs. Weaver at weavera@whitehouseisd.org. You can also share photos using the Balfour Image Share app on your smartphone. It is free to create an account, and the project number for WJHS is 026577. Be sure to include the student's name and what they are working on.

WJHS April 7, 2020 Update

New content posted - 4/7 update

New content posted in Edgenuity & Google Classroom for week of April 6th - April 13th.

Also, a general reminder that students should be checking Google Classroom & Edgenuity. A daily check on Google Classroom would be good just in case teachers have a new resource or guide based on student feedback as the week goes on. Students should be working in Edgenuity Daily.

Student & Family Self Care - 4/7 Update

Please use the link below for helpful links on student & family self care during this time.

Student & Family Self Care

Activities from your Counselors - Week of 4/6

Check out these great...Activities from your Counselors

Tyler Rotary Young Citizens Award - 4/7 Update

Congratulations to Audrey Brody & Chris Woodley for receiving the Tyler Rotary Young Citizens Award this year at Whitehouse Junior High!

WJHS March 31, 2020 Update


This serves as a quick update to initial information sent March 24, 2020. We are one week into WJHS Online Learning. All updates will be on the same SMORE so all information is in one place. Read below this update for information I sent last week if you have not seen that yet.

Reminder that this first window of content goes from Wednesday 3/24 to Monday 4/6. New content will be posted for Week 2 by Monday 4/6 @ 10am. This allows everyone enough time to get used to the programs and new schedule.

Thank you,

William Ripley

PE / ATHLETICS / TENNIS Google Classroom

If your child, boy or girl, is enrolled in a PE / Athletics / Tennis class remind them to sign up for the PE/Athletics/Tennis Google Classroom using the code below:


Art Google Classroom

If your child takes art, please be sure they have signed up for their art teachers google classroom, find the classroom code by art teacher and period on the link below:


Checking in with Counselors

WJHS Counselors are working and here to support WJHS families. Please use the link below to check in or request a meeting for your student /family with the counselors.

Checking in with your Counselor

FREE Meals Offered to ALL Whitehouse ISD Students

Please visit our website, linked below, for information about meal pick up sites.

Meal Pick-Up Information

WJHS March 24, 2020 Information

Good Evening Parents,

This SMORE will lay out the WJHS plan for continued instruction online. Please read the information below, and visit the links to find out more information to help your student engage in WJHS online learning.

We will be utilizing Edgenuity and Google Classroom for instruction.

Keep in mind that your students have been using Google Classroom for most of the year, and so they will already be familiar with accessing information through Google Classroom. We will continue to use Google Classroom as the primary means of communication between students and teachers, as well as to deliver content for some of our elective classes.

Thank you and please bear with us as we work through setting up a system to keep learning going for students at home.

Thank you again,

William Ripley

Principal, WJHS

Student course work through Google Classroom & Edgenuity

WEEK 1 of Instruction March 25th - April 3rd

Step 1 - Login to Google Classroom

Beginning March 25th, Students should login to Google Classroom to get information about each of their courses.

Step 2 - Add Missing Google Classrooms

Students should check that they have a Google Classroom for each course.

Any missing courses, students will need to add by teacher and period with these codes:


ATHLETICS/PE/TENNIS - A Google Classroom has been created for all Athletes, PE, and Tennis students to join, code is on list of codes above.

REMINDER: Your kiddos have already been using Google Classroom, and should have most of their courses in Google Classroom already. For your convenience I am including a link to an article on how to join a class as a student, just in case:


Step 3 - Core Classes, Spanish, & College & Career through Edgenuity

Students will use Edgenuity for instruction in the following courses:



Social Studies (TX & US History)

English Language Arts

Spanish 1 and Exploratory Spanish

College & Careers

Teachers will still be communicating to students in these classes through Google Classroom, but students will learn their content through Edgenuity.

Step 4 - Log into Edgenuity Wednesday, March 25th

This link will show students how to login to Edgenuity for the first time:


It includes information about your child's username & password as well. Students have already been enrolled in their Edgenuity courses by WJHS staff, so all they have to do is learn how to login and then watch the introduction video when they login for the first time.

Step 5 - Students begin working

-Check Google Classroom daily for all courses

-Login to Edgenuity daily to work on courses that were listed above

-For electives, complete assignments in Google Classroom

Example Student Daily Schedules

We recommend that you try to maintain a schedule for your student, here are two examples you may use:


Grade Postings

Edgenuity Course Grade

For courses in Edgenuity grades will NOT be posted in Skyward until the end of the Nine Weeks, or until we return to campus based instruction.

Students will be able to see their grade through Edgenuity in real time as they are working in the program.

Electives instruction delivered through Google Classroom

Grades will be posted in Skyward one grade every 1-2 weeks, with first grade being posted by FRIDAY APRIL 3, 2020.


Google Classroom

Teachers will communicate to students through Google Classroom at least once a week for all courses, regardless of whether the instruction is delivered through Edgenuity or Google Classroom.


Fastest way for you as a parent to contact a teacher or administrator is through email. Teachers will primarily contact students through email. For your convenience see email list of all staff below:



Teachers may reach out to you to discuss student progress, or to check on your student. Teachers may be calling you using contact information in Skyward.

Internet Connectivity At Home

If you do not have internet at your house, remember to fill out the survey below:


EMAIL Kelci Meadows (meadowsk@whitehouseisd.org) by end of day Wednesday, March 25th and let her know that you will be stopping by to pick up your child's device from WJHS at the pickup time.