My goals of English lessons

Valeria Serrano


My specific goal is to learn how mergers actually work and its success and failure cases

3 Merger cases per week

My measurable goal would be, studying 3 merger cases per week, identifying their pros and cons about their decisions and come up with self advices of how i would have done it if i were those companies being merged.

Importance of my goal

I give this goal a high importance, because by knowing all of this cases about mergers, i can become a merger with other companies in the future and have more possibilities to get it right at first. As we know, most of mergers don't work out right, they tend to have lots of losses and failures.

Realistic goal

I can surely declare that my goal is very realistic and beneficial for my professional career. Also wanting to learn 3 merger cases per week and analize them it suits perfectly with my time and keeps well organized.

Funny merger cases