The Land of Mexico

by Jamie and Kelsy

Mexico flag

The Mexico flag has green white and red colors and a eagle/ a bird eating a worm sitting on leaves.

Manners and cutsoms

If you are invited to a Mexican's home:
  • Arrive 30 minutes late in most places (check with colleagues to see if you should arrive later than that).
  • Arriving on time or early is considered inappropriate.

a suprized mexican food.

we have 2 burritos with sauce on top,little salad(or lettuce)with sauce and tomatos,and gossy moshed beans with chese,and lovly gourges mexican rice.

Mexico FASHOIN!!

Mexico has it's one of a kind Fashion! They have KOOL styles!! As the pitcher on the left has meany fashions!!!! Mexican women, he rumbled in public and private, dress too much like U.S. women. Not that Artist Rivera had anything against American womanhood.


this is a monument of a mexican warrior.

modern dress

this is a dress from mexico.

mexican recipe

this is a recipe for warm potato & green bean salad.