A Christmas Carol Background

Brayden Fuchs

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When was a Christmas Carol published?

It was the year of 1843 and on December 19, one of the greatest books was published to the public. "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens was and is still a very great Christmas Story.
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What did the Victorian Era play a part in?

The Victorian Era was a big part of society in the 1800's to the 1900's. This Era is named after Queen Victoria. This Era had a big part in Charles' book as it affected people by making things cost more and as a result of that, the people got very poor. Most people in Dickens story were poor.
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What influenced Dickens to write this story?

Charles was influenced to write this story because of the peoples way of life in that time period. Most of the people were poor and had very little things in their life. That didn't really seem to effect people very much because all that they needed was family. In most peoples opinion, this story seems to make people happy and grateful for what they have.
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What is and what did poverty do?

Poverty is when people are very poor and have nothing in life. Most people had kids in this era and Christmas time was the hardest time of their life. People think that Christmas and the best time of the year but for the poor who couldn't get anything, it was a sad time for them and their kids.
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What effect did the Industrial Revolution have in this time period?

The Industrial Revolution made things much easier and more cost effective. This has brought much more simplification to the world. factories make making products and other things faster and easier. In conclusion, the Industrial Revolution had a huge impact on the way people live and do things.