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Editors: Luke Bruich and Mary Alex Lieblong

Dorset, Unaccounted For

Pictured below, Johnny Dorset.
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Johnny Dorset son of notable townsfolk, Ebenezer Dorset, is M.I.A. Word around town sounds like people are more excited about disappearance than concerned about. Late afternoon Johnny Dorset was abducted from his dwelling; his kidnappers were in for a surprise. Summit News sat down with the Dorsets’ neighbor, Rick Harrison. “Well yesterday my son “Big Hoss” and I just closed a deal at the Pawn Shop yesterday so I started to head back home.” Harrison stated. “I pulled up in the driveway in my 1967 Chevrolet Impala and saw this kid running off some baby bunnies by pelting them with coins.” Harrison said that he paid no intention to the delinquent and went inside. Moments later he came back out realizing he forgot something in his car. “I was curious if this massacre Dorset was conducting had stopped... It had, the bunnies were long gone and soon was I to realize that Johnny, this devil child, was too.”
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Pictured above Rick Harrison, neighbor.