Indian Heritage

By Sybil


Woman and girl's wear dresses called saris. They also wear a round dot on there foreheads. The dot is sometimes worn as a decoration. Other times it means that a woman is married. After meals, many Indians chew betel nut's and leaves. These nuts and leaves come from the betel palm trees. This helps calm upset stomachs. They also turn tongues and teeth a deep red. Indians spend a lot of time talking with and enjoying the company of neighbors. India has more than 14 languages. Hindi is the main language.
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Hindus: 80 %

Diwali : festival of lights

Holi : festival of color

Muslims 14 %

Ramdan : Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to practice modesty and patience.

Christians: 4%

Christmas : celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Easter: celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Children live with there parents and grandparents. Usually, family gather together for meals.


Most Indian food's are made with curry. Curry is a mix of strong spices. North Indians eat roti. Roti is a round flat bread. South Indians eat rice with meals. Tea is a common drink in India.

Extra Information

Pajama's are an Indian invention. Pajama is an Hindi word for clothing on legs. Chunty is served with main dished throughout India. Peacock is the national bird of India. Lotus is the nation flower of India.