Brochures, Creating posters, Formatting


Brochures are sometimes used for advertisement and sometimes used just simply for a school project. To make a brochure you can add a text box, change the font, and all of the simple stuff. There are a few difficulties if your not up to date on the internet. But, overall, it's an easy task. If you want to add color, you go to shapes spread it to it's length and width and put in the color. If you've already done the text box with words, you can go to arrange and click it to go to the back. You can also add photos or graphics, even links if you want to! But, if you want to add the picture, yet you'd like it to be your background go to arrange just like with color, and send it to the back! Brochures are a great way to persuade people! You could put in all the things you want for Christmas or simply the new Ipad or Ipod you want! You could also use a brochure to promote something such as business or work!


A good website to visit to make a poster is Big Huge! You can create a title, add texts, choose a landscape, a border, and even add pictures! You can also choose a color and choose the way you want to crop your poster!


When you format something you use tools like opacity, inspector, graphics, and locations! Opacity is how clear or bold you want your font to be! Inspector is something where you can choose a document, layout, wrap, text, graphic, metrics, table, chart, link, and quick time. You can also use inspector to choose various colors. Graphics are like photos you add!