Transition Plans

From Elementary to Secondary

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Transition Planning. What:

A transition plan is a school's written plan to assist a student in need, in making a successful transition from school to work, further education and community living.

The requirements of completing an official transition plan are set out in Ontario Regulation 181/98 and are elaborated in the Ministry of Education policy document Individual Education Plans: Standards for Development, Program Planning, and Implementation, 2000.

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Transition Planning. Who:

Those involved in transition planning include:

√ School board officials

v Principals

√ Teachers

√ Students and their families

√ Health care workers/community workers

Transition Planning. Process:

The transition-planning process has three phases.

√ Phase 1: Preparation

√ Phase 2: Development of the Plan

√ Phase 3: Documentation and Implementation


1. Appoint a Transition-Planning Team Leader

2. Select the Transition-Planning Team

3. Orient the Team Member

4. Collect Background Documentation of the Student

5. Design the Process

6. Arrange a Meeting

Development of the Plan:

1. Identify the student's transition goals

2. Identify the steps/actions necessary for achieving the goals

3. Coordinate the transition plan with the IEP and other plans

4. Identify timelines and responsibilities

Documentation and Implementation:

1. Recording the Plan

2. Filing and distributing copies of the plan

Transition Planning. Responsibilities:

The school board's role is to support and coordinate the transition-planning process in its various schools

Some examples could include:

√ developing a board transition-planning policy

√ providing teachers with in-service training on transition planning

√ providing ongoing advice and problem-solving assistance to teachers

√ establishing and maintaining a transition-planning advisory committee or a network of community resource persons

√ leading the transition-planning process for some students with high or complex needs

√ monitoring individual student transition plans and working with teachers to achieve improvements

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Transition Planning. Future:

The goal of transition planning is to better prepare the student's future needs. These plans are put in place to build and improve the continuum of transition supports into work, further education, participation in life activities and community living.
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