Read S'more 'bout It

Ben Miller; Editor-in-Chief

What's the Real Cost of Food?

Do you ever think about where your food comes from? We all know it comes from the nearest grocery store, but I'm talking about where it comes from to get to the shelfs of the grocery store. Well I assume its common knowledge that the food comes from several different manufacturers, but how much do you really know about these manufacturers? Several of the big companies are quite corrupt, Like the meat packing company. They mistreat their workforce extremely. Many of their employees come from across the border, and are in desperate need of jobs. Thus leading them into taking a job in a low-income places, exactly where the manufactures set up shop. The manufacturers then gives them two options. One being taking a low paying job with them, and the other being don't work at all. This is where things get unfair, because it puts the workers in a spot where they basically have one choice. Going against the 'land of opportunity' we think we are, where some people are forced to live lives they don't want, essentially taking away their freedom.

Letter to the People, From Alice Paul

Dear Future Citizens of America,

-My name is Alice Paul, you may have heard of me, but if you haven't all you should need to know is that I'm one of the major contributors that's attempting to gain women's suffrage. I'm writing this letter just to make sure that you know nothing is impossible. Today is November 21st 1917 and as of now I've been sitting in this cell for a week. Now I know my situation sounds very bleak, but I know things are going to be fine. Because nothing is impossible, there will always be a way to get your voice across and to accomplish your goal. Weather that is to go on a hunger strike, or it is to stand up to your boss. But whatever it is always remember that it is possible.

-Just 20 years ago people would've laughed in my face if you thought that women were going to gain the right to vote, but there was no way we would allow them to stop our cause. Now it seems like a stretch, to gain something this big while I'm sitting in this jail cell. But now I sit here hungry willing to do anything for my cause. And if me starving to death in this jail cell is what it takes to gain the right to vote, then I am more than willing to sit here and starve. Because this task is not impossible and neither is anything else you'll have to face in life.

Your Friend,

Alice Paul

Rough Riders Prevail Once Again

The Rough Riders do it again! Facing almost impossible odds, Teddy Roosevelt pushes through and pulls out a victory in the battle of San Juan Hill. The eight hour brawl left our troops beaten up and exhausted but the Rough Riders pushed through the constant fire of the Spaniards and had no American casualties. At the end of the day American troops battled harder than the Spaniards and took over the huge city of Santiago. After the battle our prior president and a few of his troops received the highest honor from the American government, The Medal of Honor. Make sure to pick up next week's paper for more updates on the war!

Alliance System

It starts with just two countries going to war, but then before you know it the entire Continent is at war. Why is this? Well the Alliance system of course! How does it work? Well its rather simple, if you make an Alliance with a Country then if they go to war on anyplace then you also have to declare war on that place. In this occasion it was the Axis powers, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire, Against the Allied powers, France, Great Britain, And Russia.


Massive Strike!

Just one week ago almost all of the workers associated with Seattle's Metal Trades Council walked out of work. 35,000 union members strong at that point, but have been only gaining numbers by day. This lead to the General Strike. It stopped Seattle in its tracks when 65,000 workers walked off the job on February 6. They are trying to show off the power of Union Solidarity, but instead all they are accomplishing is a lot harsher crackdowns from the Government. Truly a step back for the working class.

The Rise of Jazz

If your too tired to jam out to Swanee maybe you should try listening to some jazz and relaxing, It's the bees knees! Jazz music is quickly rising up the top charts. Especially Louis Armstrong. His new song West End Blues has hit 29th most popular song in america.

500th Home Run!!

Mark today down everybody! Aug. 11 1929 will forever be known as the day Babe Ruth hit his 500th Home Run. Babe Ruth is the first ever player to break this record, Nobody is even close to Babe, he is on a hot streak. And lets hope it continues to take the Yankees to the world series!