How to lead a happier life?

Ways to lead a happier life


Are you feeling stressed? Upset? Do you feel that way everyday? Three-fourths of the human population undergo stress in varying levels in a 2-week period. Stress causes chest pain,high cholesterol,depression, and a host of assorted problems. I think that it's normal to feel stressed,upset or even feel like everything is going against you but of course we can't be stressed everyday. So in this essay I am going to teach you ways to lead to a happier life.

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Be yourself!

As Steve Jobs said, ' Your time is limited,so don't waste it living someone else's life".We all can not be identical to someone else in this world even twins have different personality. We can always boost our confidence by pointing out the positive stuff about ourselves instead of the negative, never listen to the negativity that others say about you. Accept who you are, be confident in yourself and you will see the world in a whole new angle and feel happier.

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Be positive!

We almost always think of the negative and flaws in our lives that we tend forget to appreciate and be grateful for things that we already have and remember those happy moments in our lives. We must have a day where we put all those negativity aside and put everything aside and reflect on our life and think of the positive stuff about our lives. Positive mindset leads to a happier life.
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Forgive and Forget!

Jimmy Ohm always says,“forgiveness does not mean that what happened was ok, it just means you no longer want to carry the pain." When we hold on to anger, resentment and fear towards people, they are actually occupying a space inside of us, blocking us from feeling truly happy and fulfilled. We can tell the person that we forgive them for what they have done, try to give the person a second chance or we can always think positve about the person. Our level of emotional maturity can be seen by how much it takes to get us upset so we should forgive each other to live a happier life and release all the burden we have on our shoulders.


We should life our live to the fullest because we only have one life to live. I hope this essay have helped you become a happier person. Remember you have the right to choose to be happy never let others destroy your life, it is your not theirs.