Walk Two Moons By Sharon Creech


Salamanca Tree Hiddle is a country girl who is forced to move away from her home to live near her dad's friend, Mrs. Cadaver. Sal goes on a road trip with her grandparents to see her mother "resting peacefully" in Lewiston, Idaho. On the road trip, Sal shares a story about Phoebe Winterbottom and how her mom went away. As Sal tells the story and they travel closer to Lewiston, Sal learns more about herself and how she can cope with her mothers death.

Mike is Mrs. Winterbottom's son.

Throughout the novel, the author foreshadows the unexpected fate of three characters. Sal and Phoebe encounter a strange young man that Phoebe automatically thinks is a lunatic, but eventually turns out to be her half-brother. Sal and Phoebe are going into Mrs. Cadaver's house to try to see if she is actually the kind of person they think she is. Inside, they see Mrs. Partridge there, and they strike up a conversation. Mrs. Partridge says she had met Phoebe's brother, but Phoebe doesn't have a brother. "We were just passing by," I said, "and we thought we would see how you were doing."

"That's nice," Mrs. Partridge said, patting her knees. "Oh, Phoebe, I think I met your brother." Phoebe said, "I don't have a brother." (page 193)

This passage shows that Mrs. Partridge met Phoebe's brother, but she thinks that she must have made a mistake. The so called lunatic, later proven to be Mrs. Winterbottom's son, arrived at the Winterbottoms and asks to talk with Mrs. Winterbottom. "Phoebe opened the door again. The young man said, "I want to see Mrs. Winterbottom. Is she here or what?" (page 43) This passage introduces the young man and gives a little hint that he has something to do with Mrs. Winterbottom.

Sal's Mom Died in a Bus Accident

Sal's mom is talked about throughout the whole story, but her fate isn't really revealed until the end of the book when she talks about how her mother died in a bus accident.Sal is driving by herself toward Lewiston to see her mom and she mentions seeing buses and remembering how her mother died. "Every time I saw a bus, I watched it sway. I watched its tires spin dangerously close to the gravel at the road's edge. I watched it plunge on, eating up the road, defying those curves." (page 227).

This passage is significant because she is hinting at how her mother died. Sal is telling the reader about why she is going to see her mother with her grandparents when she mentions that her mother is resting peacefully. "1. Gram and Gramps wanted to see Momma, who was resting peacefully in Lewiston, Idaho."

This passage could be construed as Sal saying that her mother died .

Gram's death

Gram's death is foreshadowed starting in about the middle of the book when she starts having symptoms of a stroke a while after she gets bitten by a snake. When Sal and her Grandparents stop in yellow stone to see Old Faithful, Gram is really excited and when she gets back in the car to leave, she starts crying. "At last Gram sighed and said, "okay, let's go."

We were in the car and about to leave when Gram started to cry. "Gol-dang" Gramps said.

"What's the matter?"

Gram sniffled. "Oh nothing. I'm so happy I got to see Old Fiathful."

This passage shows that Gram knows she will die soon and has crossed seeing Old Faithful off her bucket list


Throughout the book, the author foreshadows 3 events that impact main characters. This tactic of giving the reader clues is widely used by authors everywhere and is a good way to give the reader hints at what is to come, making the book more interesting. Sharon Creech gave evidence to Mike Bickle being Mrs. Winterbottom's son, Sal's mom dying, and Gram's death by having characters say things that relate to them, having events that suggest things that are to come, and giving the reader sporadic information about the 3 characters.