Cincinnati Air Canada Flight 797

By: Johnny B

History of the 797

This plane crash took place on June 2 1983 and also it was supposed to fly from Dallas to Montreal but instead it had to make an emergency landing in Toronto. Here is why. It all started when smoke emerged from the lavatory and as smoke got in between the outer and inner panels which wrecked some important electrical panels and cables. So when someone on the plane found out, they told the pilots and they had to make an emergency landing in Toronto. Now before I tell you more this is how it really failed. As they landed in Toronto when everyone was getting ready to get off the plane it burst into flames and blew up.

Why 797 failed?

So as before, when I said that smoked filled the lavatory and it wrecked the outer tiles well that smoke was actually very toxic which means the panels would start to get hot and eventually flame. So when they made the landing in Toronto and when they opened the exit doors it exploded because the heat/flames from the panels and the fresh oxygen from outside created a flashover. A flashover is when fresh oxygen and heat meet in a enclosed place which causes an explosion.

FUN FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-24 people died in the crash

-A flight attendant told the pilots because she noticed it

-No one made it out of the plane

-They found one of the pilots body's was found burnt hiding in a corner

-Most plane crashes are rarely from flashovers