Equal Futures Update

August 2013

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Sarah's Pedal for Scotland

Sarah Galliers has been involved with Equal Futures for 8 years. She is a member of two Circles in Edinburgh. She became involved in Kirsten Lawrie’s Circle through their art sessions together. Sarah has nurtured Kirsten’s talents, and Kirsten now exhibits and sells her work. Sarah is also a member of Kathryn Hocking’s Circle. They recently enjoyed themselves at a member’s annual barbeque – Marc always makes sure everyone has a good time.
Sarah has opened her own gallery “Space Artworks” in Morningside, Edinburgh. It’s very much a community art gallery. Sarah runs small workshops which anyone can come along to. They provide a good environment for anyone who doesn’t like being in a big class, and who benefits from more focused learning. In the basement of the gallery Sarah has the Community Project Space, where local groups can show their work. Professional craft makers exhibit upstairs. The focus is on artists who use locally sourced materials, who up-cycle and reclaim, and those who produce environmentally friendly work. Those who come to workshops or do 1:1 work with Sarah also show their work. Kirsten Lawrie’s paintings are often in the gallery.

Sarah had an idea of doing some joint fund raising for her gallery and Equal Futures. Space Artworks is a “not for profit” gallery. She would like to start a new Art Club and to offer more subsidised courses. Sarah values the work Equal Futures does, and sees the difference it makes to people’s lives. Sarah is fund raising to raise the profile of both her gallery and Equal Futures.

Sarah will be taking part in Pedal for Scotland on Sunday 8th September. It is a 46 mile route starting at Glasgow Green and finishing at Murrayfield in Edinburgh. She has started her preparation by doing 10 mile routes, and will work up to 23 miles the week or two before the event.
We hope you will support Sarah in her endeavour. You can do this by clicking on the Big Give button.

Donations given between now and the end of September will be shared between Equal Futures and Space Artworks
Sponsorship forms are also available at Sarah’s gallery.
Opening Hours to Public : Tue: 11am to 2pm, Wed 11am to 5pm, Thursday 11am to 3pm, Fri: 11 to 5pm, Sat: 10 to 5pm.
Open at other times for workshops.


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Equal Futures is led by families who have taken the initiative to plan and support their disabled relative to enjoy a good life.

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