Russian Revolution

Investigation B

What roles did Trotsky, Lenin, and Kerensky play in the Bolshevik takeover?

In the middle of October in the year 1905 a strike started in St. Petersburg, Trosky to the capital. The day Troskey came back, he went to the Soviet of St. Petersburg. his part in the revolution of 1905. Troskey was exiled to Siberia in 1907, he lost his civil rights.

In the year of 1917,

Lenin joined the Bolshevik Revolution and began to lead it. Lenin took the lead because he was a man of his beliefs. Kerensky was a prime minister of the Russian government. He was on the opposing side of Lenin.

What steps did the Communists take to industrialize the soviet Union?

They worked successfully to secure the support of the volatile soldiers of the Garrison for Soviet Power and destroying any ability of the government to use it's soldiers against the seizure of power by the Congress of Soviets. The government was apprehensive over the rising demand for Soviet power.

An alarmed newspaperman ran to the Soviet headquarters where Soviet leaders declared that counter revolution had again reared its head and called on soldiers and armed workers to defend the Soviet. The revolution and guaranteed the opening the Congress of Soviets the next day.

How were women involved in the Russian Revolution?

The Russian Revolution of 1917 caused a large amount of social changes because of the events that occurred before and after it. The New Policies came about because of gave more liberties to women. Between 1914 and 1917 there were over 1 million women workers in industry. Some women even did farm work. Women disguised themselves as men and fought on the front line in war. These conditions changed how they fought in future revolutions.