Where I live and me

About where I live and me


My name is Alex and my favorite thing to do on Fridays when I get home is play my favorite game, League of Legends. I also like to read my favorite series, Percy Jackson. My favorite book is Percy Jackson the last Olympian. I also sometimes play Minecraft with my friends, Eduardo and Diego on a factions server and I try to take over their base. The Percy Jackson series is about gods like Zues and stuff.

My school

In my school we are currently playing basketball for P.E. In my school, we have a new gym, and it's pretty cool. There are a LOT of sixth graders, I think double than last year or something. For me, it kind of sucks because my best friends, about 20 of my really close friends went to a different middle school called C.T but i still have about 17 friends at currie from 5th grade, but most of them I don't really talk to any more. All of the teachers at currie are nice, and the principle, he's really nice. None of these kids are me, it's just a picture I found. There's also a school next to us called Thorman, it's an elementary school. It's funny because they have c and t for currie and thorman and it makes C.T like the school. The friends I have here are still nice and fun to be around so it's not the worst experience ever. So overall I like my school and the people in it.
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