The California Report

One Girls Life Changing Experience

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna Fox, a girl who survived a life changing accident. I got to sit down and ask her a few questions.

CR: How did you did you take it when your parents told you you were made of Biogel?
Jenna: Well, at first a was really frustrated with my parents. Did they not trust me to keep a secret? I might have a different body but I still am the same girl. After I thought it through, I accepted the fact that I couldn't change that.

CR: Did you ever feel out of place, knowing that you were illegal?
Jenna: Yes. Everyone else seemed so care free. I couldn't tell anyone my secret. I couldn't be carefree like everyone else was.

CR: How does it feel to be a "lab rat" for your dads testing on biogel?
Jenna: It was very hard. I just learned that I can't change it. And they tried to do it out of love?

CR: Why did you still accept Ethan even though he has done bad things?
Jenna: I think it was just that.... We both had secrets to hide. We both were "monsters" and we could relate. I loved him very much and I am very sad he is gone.

CR: Now your 200 and living with Allys. How does it feel?
Jenna: Its fine. I've always been friends with Allys. Although Ethan has been gone for a while now, I'm pushing through. Overall it's great.

CR: How does it feel to sort of be the first one to live after this accident?
Jenna: Its diffidently a challenge. You don't have anyone to relate too... Your all on you own it feels like.

CR: So in the end, since it has been 200 years, do you know your identity?
Jenna: I never will fully understand. But I do know who I am now. and Ive learned that it doesn't matter who you were... It matters who you are now. I do know my physical features though.

CR: How do you plan to explain what happened to you, to Kayla? [Your daughter]
Jenna: I don't plan too till she is older. But when I do, I will take it slow. She will understand. It might give her a good understanding of me and why I am the way I am. I mean I did kinda create history! But for now I will just wait for that day to come.

CR: I heard you lost your memory, did you regain any?
Jenna: Yes I have. Along the way with all my experiences, one thought led to another, and it sparked something. I am starting to remember lots of things.

CR: Did you ever think you would go through something as powerful as this?
Jenna: No. Out of all people I was the one who had to go through this life changing experience? I am amazed that I was the one who got this....

CR: Are you happy or sad that there is someone else like you in the world?

Jenna: Happy! I am so happy! Everyday me and Ally's talk about our experiences going through this. It is such a relief knowing that I am not the only one. Ally's is the one person I can share things with. And we can get through this together.

CR: When you first learned about your backups, how did you feel?

I was very creeped out! I know somewhere, there is another me. In that computer, just stored up. Its very creepy to know if you get in another accident, you won't be yourself. I would basically be a computer. All the memories are just stored up... And its very scary! I am glad I destroyed them.

Jenna is a great girl and I was blessed to meet her.


Kara Manning, (17)
Kara Manning, (17) Died a few days ago. Her and her friends, Locke Jenkins, (16) and Jenna Fox, (16) all the involved in the accident. Earlier that night, the three of them went to a party... While running away Kara lost control of the car and it slid into a deep cliff. Kara sustained severe head trauma when she was thrown from the car. She died three weeks following the accident when her family removed her from life support. Kara was a very rambunctious girl. She often hung with her friends. (Jenna, Locke) Everyone loved Kara... We had an interview with Jenna Foxes parents. They told us that when this happened to Kara, Everyone was devastated. "As I walked back through the hallway, I saw Kara's parents and the agony they were going through," Said Claire Fox,"We just wanted to help them in some way." - Kara Manning, you will always be with us in spirit. Rest in Peace.

National News

What do you think it means to be a human? Well, everyone has their opinions but today I am going to tell you mine. I am reporter Mandy. So apparently the FSEB has changed its position on what it means to be human. I believe it is a living person, who knows how to tell right from wrong. Who can feel love, hate, joy, and sorrow. I believe that even if you are made of biogel, that if you once were a person... You still are a person! Now some might argue that this is false but this is my opinion. I believe there should be a point system and that the limit should not be 49%. I think it should be 90%. So you do still have some of your aspects as the old you. And for those who do violate the rules, If under the age of 21, will be put in jail. For those older then 21, put to death... So it's not a good idea in the first place.


Today's weather will be clear and sunny! So grab your boards and go out to the ocean for a while! It is a beautiful day to get out! The high for the day will be 80 degrees, and the low will be 66 degrees. The winds will get up to about 5 miles per hour North. So have a great day and enjoy your time!