Fifth Grade News


Week of November 13th

Thanksgiving Lunch

Please make plans to join you child for Thanksgiving Lunch!
We look forward to seeing you here!

Monday November 13th, 2017
Steiner Thanksgiving Lunch Schedule is as follows:
Kinder: 10:20 am
1st: 10:50 am
3rd: 11:10 am
2nd: 11:35 am
4th: 11:55 am
5th: 12:25 am

Herb Roast Turkey
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Cornbread Stuffing
Buttered Green Beans
Cranberry Relish
Cinnamon Spiced Pears
Warm Wheat Roll
Homemade Pumpkin Bar
Iced Tea, Milk, and Water

Upcoming Events

  • 11/13 Thanksgiving Lunch -
  • Kinder will be 10:20 am - 10:50
  • 1st will be 10:50 am - 11:20.
  • 2nd - 5th will be during your student's regular lunch time.
  • PTA Has a Sock and Underwear Drive Going on NOW
  • PTA Coat Drive Begins Nov 13th
  • 11/20-11/24-Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/30-Fall individual picture retake



-Reading- Storyworks Magazine-non fiction "Out of the Shattered Land" Google form with questions. **Students need to use the magazine to answer questions and show text evidence to support answers-with a highlighter. Due Friday. I will take away 10 points off grade for no highlighting from now on.

-Spelling- Unit 12 Quiz on Friday- Vocabulary practice with Quizlet found in Google Classroom Writing Class. Students should practice a few times a week, more if spelling is a concern.

-History- European exploration

-Istation 30 minutes of Reading with ISIP at home created by me in Istation. Due Saturday.

For more information or help, visit, call 1-866-883-7323, and press 2, toll-free, or e-mail support at**


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  • THIS 9 WEEKS: Students engage in Project Based Learning (PBL) and are asked to take on the role of environmental engineers using the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to design a process for cleaning up an oil spill in a river. Students will use their background knowledge of environmental systems to investigate the relationships and cycles within a river ecosystem. They will compare the structures and functions of organisms and explain how they affect their ability to survive in their environment. Students will refine their understanding of inherited traits and learned behaviors and differentiate between them. They will investigate the interdependence of living and nonliving components of an ecosystem and how they are impacted by changes.
  • Quizlet Log: due every Friday signed after your child has completed a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Friday: Vocabulary Quiz 3 on Ecosystem Interactions
  • This weeks words:
    1. interdependence
    2. pH scale
    3. pH test
    4. neutral
    5. base
    6. acid
    7. incomplete metamorphosis
    8. complete metamorphosis

Science in Austin:Texas Museum of Science and Technology

Austin Nature and Science Center


Texas Memorial Museum


  • Most of the groups have submitted a sample product for approval. They may start making the items for the Business Fair. A few groups still need to show me a sample. If you have any questions, please read about it at The Business Fair is scheduled for December 14th.
  • Blocks I and II will learn how to read, write and compare decimals. They will also be rounding decimals.
  • Block III and IV will wrap up Unit 2. Then they will learn how to read and write decimals and draw models to compare them.
  • All students should continue to study multiplication and division facts.
  • Helpful math videos can be found on Google Classroom.
  • Website -


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November 1st - 30th:

Habit 3 - Put First Things First

I can tell you how to prioritize important things in my life.

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