Fifth Grade News


Week of January 22th

Upcoming Events

  • January 24-Report cards go home

  • Feb 8th - Kinder 100th Day of School Parade

  • Feb 9th - Spring Individual and Group Picture Day

  • Feb 14th - Valentine's Parties

  • Feb 16th - 7:50 AM - Fun Run Kickoff , 1:00 Fire Show K- 2nd , 1:45 Fire Show 3rd - 5th

  • Feb 23 - 12:15 PM - 1st Grade Fine Arts Share





-Blood on the River (historical fiction)-vocabulary development-students need to practice Quizlet flashcards for each chapter in Google Classroom due before each chapter read. Workbook summarizing pages to be completed at home if not completed in class.

-Storyworks Magazine "I Have a Dream" historical fiction/drama. Will read together in class on Tuesday and Google form in Google Classroom-due Friday

-Istation 30 minutes due Saturday-To contact tech support for issues at home see attached image below.


-Unit 16 Quizlet practice in google classroom and quiz on Friday.


-Expository writing (exposing facts) continue


-13 Colonies. As we begin the 13 colonies, we will also begin learning states and capitals. Rather than learn all 50 states and capitals at once, we will learn as we move west connecting the states creation to a historical time period. First we will begin with the 13 colonies and then move section by section as we cover the pioneers and westward movement. Students can begin practicing on the many free online games if they would like. I will post some in Google Classroom.


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Energy and Engineering Unit

Students use their knowledge of force, motion, and forms of energy to solve an engineering challenge. Students design, plan, and implement an investigation that tests the effect of force on an object. They investigate how mechanical energy can be affected by different forces including gravity and magnetism. During the module, students investigate the flow of electricity in series and parallel circuits and how it can be transferred into other forms of energy including light, thermal, and sound energy. They extend their knowledge of light by investigating how light travels and can be reflected and refracted. Students explore sound energy through pitch and volume and how it is used in their everyday lives. Through these explorations students will have a better understanding of how various forms of energy interact and affect our lives.

    • Light Energy Learning Check on Thursday

    • New QUIZLET - Energy and Engineering (20 minutes)

    • Energy and Engineering Vocabulary Quiz 2 on Friday

    1. medium
    2. shadow
    3. prism
    4. concave lens
    5. convex lens
    6. laser

Science in Austin:Texas Museum of Science and Technology

Austin Nature and Science Center


Texas Memorial Museum

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    • Blocks II and IV will take a Personal Finance test on Monday.
    • We will start Unit 4 Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers and Decimals. We will also learn about Stem & Leaf Plots.
    • The students will learn several strategies for multiplying and dividing. It's very important that the students know the multiplication and division facts.
    • Helpful videos can be found on Google Classroom.
    • Website -


    The Leader in Me @Home

    January 4th - 31st- Habit 4: Think Win-Win

    January Newsletter Blurb:

    This month your student will be learning about Habit 4: “Think Win-Win”.

    In the win-win mind-set, people opt for “we” instead of “I.” The goal is to cooperate and seek solutions so both parties can walk away winners. If you come to the table thinking only one person can win (win-lose), there won’t be an effort to cooperate or problem solve. By the same token, if you come to the table expecting to lose (lose-win), you play the martyr and resentment builds. The principle of the win-win mind-set is this: “What is important to another person must be as important as the other person is to you.”

    Truly, thinking Win-Win, or always thinking about another as well as yourself is one of the great mental habits we can teach our kids. After all, life isn’t just about me, and it’s not just about you-- It’s about both of us.

    I encourage you to partner with us in teaching your student to practice The Seven Habits at home. To learn more about The Seven Habits and how they can be used at home, visit "Parent's Place" at

    Next LiM Assembly: Mark your calendars! The next LiM school-wide assembly will be on January 26th at 2:00PM in the MPR. Third grade will be leading the assembly.