Convection is where warm air rises and cold air sinks!


Convection is the transport of energy due to density differences when not in a free-fall environment.As a liquid or gas is heated it expands and becomes less dense and therefore lighter. If a cooler denser material is above the hotter layer the warmer material will rise through the cooler material to the surface. The rising material will dissipate its heat (energy) into the surrounding environment, become more dense (cooler), and will sink to start the process over.
Heat Transfer Song

What it does and how it works

Convection is the concerted, collective movement of ensembles of molecules within fluids ( liquids, gases) and rheids. Convection of mass cannot take place in solids, since neither bulk current flows nor significant diffusion can take place in solids. Diffusion of heat can take place in solids, but is referred to separately in that case as heat conduction. A good model for convection is when you take a heat source ( Bunsen burner) and place it at any side of a glass full of a liquid, you then can feel the different levels of heat in the glass.

Conduction, convection, and radiation

The Heating Song