Mrs. Krahn & Ms. Miszewski

December 11, 2020

Friday Hooray!

Every Friday one student from each classroom at Rose Glen is acknowledged as a Rose Glen Special Eagle of the week. The students are recognized for doing a great job of following the Rose Glen Be Statements which are Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. We are happy to share our first two winners from each classroom. Congratulations!

With our Thanks!

We want to thank you for the assistance you provided your child during the time that Rose Glen was shut down and we were teaching and learning remotely. We very much appreciate your support. We also appreciate your kind, encouraging emails; they mean a lot to us. We are very proud of how prepared our students were to learn virtually; their iPad skills are impressive! We hope we won't have to go virtual any more this year. Cross your fingers for a safe and healthy winter!

The Snow is on its Way!

In addition to the academic learning that occurs in kindergarten, it is very important that your child learns how to be independent with his/her self-help skills. With the snow on its way, it won't be long before your child will be wearing all of his/her cold weather clothing to school. Even though most kindergartners are able to get themselves dressed to go outside, we have noticed there are a few children who are still struggling to be independent when getting ready for recess - and that is without the addition of snow pants and boots. If your child is not able to independently dress and undress for outside winter play, then please be sure you are giving your child plenty of opportunities to practice these skills at home. Please consider your child's independent skills when you are selecting new winter coats, snow pants, gloves/mittens and boots. Boots should be easy enough for your child to put on and take off without help. If your child is not able to get the fingers into the correct places in his/her gloves even after much practice at home, then you should consider having your child wear mittens to school. Your child should be able to independently put on and take off any items he/she wears to school. Thank you for your assistance with this important part of our day.

A few more hints about winter weather:

  • When wearing boots: if your child does not keep gym shoes here at school, please do not forget to have your child bring shoes to school every day!
  • Unless your child can tie his/her own shoe laces at this time, please provide shoes that slip on or have velcro closures.
  • Be sure to label all of your child's belongings. Many gloves, boots and snow pants look alike and it's hard to tell them apart.
  • Rather than trying to fit them into their backpack, many children have found it easier to pack snow pants and boots in a separate bag, such as a plastic-coated reusable shopping bag.
  • Paper folders tend to get wet and tear during the winter time. You may want to consider getting your child a plastic folder instead.

Literacy (Phonics, Reading and Writing)

We have really been working hard as readers and writers. Our knowledge of letters and sounds is really coming together as we learn how to decode more words. Our new phonics program has introduced us to many small words and word chunks such as an, at, in and on. We have learned how to add a letter to the beginning of the word chunk and then change it into new word. For example, after learning to read the word am, we figured out how to read jam, ram, Sam and Pam.

In writing we have been working on getting our thoughts onto paper by stretching out the sounds in the words we want to write. We are also working on putting spaces between our words to make our writing easier for ourselves and others to read.

Many of our students have had an explosion of the words they are able to read. It is very exciting! It is important for Kindergartners to master all 40 Kindergarten Sight Words so that they have a strong foundation for reading. We will continue introducing sight words as the year progresses. Below you will find a list of all of the words we will be learning plus a few extra words that will come up in their reading. It never hurts to practice at home! :)

Kindergarten Sight Words

Click on this link to see the 40 words (plus an additional 6 important words) that kindergartners are expected to be able to read by the end of the year.

Math Workshop

During Math Workshop, we have been exploring the attributes of 3D shapes. We have been finding 3D shapes in our classroom, drawing 3D shapes and comparing 3D shapes.

If your child is not able to count to 100 independently, please be sure to provide time at home to practice this with your child. Another great time to practice is while you're riding in the car. See how far your child can count independently and then join in during the tricky parts.

Please click on the links below to read the School District of Waukesha Kindergarten Math Moment for the months of November and December.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, December 14th - Noodles & Company Dining Night

Thursday, December 17th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night - Sunset Location

Wednesday, December 23rd - Friday, January 1st - Holiday Break (Return to School-1/4/21)

Wednesday, January 13th - Panera Dining Night

Monday, January 18th - No School - Staff Development Day

Monday, January 18th - Culver's Dining Night

Monday, January 25th - No School - Staff Development Day

Thursday, January 28th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night

Enjoy the weekend! - Beth Anne & Kaitlyn