Yuri Gagarin

Cosmonaut (March 9,1934 Klushino-March 27,1968 in Kirzhach)


Yuri Gagarin NASA was born in March 9, 1934 Klushino, Russia. In 1941, Yuri Gagarin was the third of 4 children and was seven years old when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union. They sent Yuri's two sisters to Germany to work as forced laborers.

Life after his mission

After his successful first flight into space, Gagarin never again was sent into space. He helped train future cosmonauts. On March 27, 1968 in Kirzhach, Russia, Gagarin was test-piloting a MiG-15 fighter jet when the plane plummeted to the ground, killing Gagarin instantly.


One lasting legacy of Gagarin's historic spaceflight is the mission's launch pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome. The launch pad is still in use today with the latest crew of the International Space Station blasting off from the site.

Yuri Gagarin´s height was 61.8 inches (157 cm)

Exploration route (in space)

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