Park Ranger

By Angela

Key Information

Park rangers are the law enforcement officials of our state and national parks. They protect and preserve parklands, keeping park resources safe from people who might try to damage them, deliberately or through neglect, and keeping people safe from dangers within the park.

Personality Traits/ Skills

Love of nature, ability to work well on a team or by yourself, excellent physical condition, outstanding communication skills, and an ability to stay calm in an emergency.


Park rangers need a bachelor's degree, and high school graduates are sometimes eligible for ranger jobs after three years of responsible experience in conservation work or park operations.

Training, Other Qualifications

Other requirements for park rangers include being strong and healthy, and have good eyesight. Interested people should study botany, zoology, geology, and ecology in college. Other useful things include park management, forestry, and the social sciences.

On the Job

Park rangers teach people to respect the delicate natural balance of our national and state parks and forests. They are employed by the National Park Service, which is an agency of the U.S. federal government, and by state agencies.