Newsletter Week 4 Term 1

Sacred Heart School Christchurch - 25 February 2022


We do call it an ‘everchanging landscape’ when dealing with Covid. I printed off my 5th version of the ‘Dealing with Covid’ handbook in schools from the Ministry on Tuesday….it was in the bin yesterday. As we reach the end of week 4 at school we hear more in the media about the onset of Omicron in the community but with the reassurance that your children are safe to be coming to school. I have added some updated information from the Ministry of Health guidelines to this newsletter. The posters simplify some of the information I sent out yesterday.

We also await the coming of Lent. During his pontificate, Pope Francis has described Lent in many ways — as a time of recovery, renewal and conversion, a time to receive the love of God and rediscover the direction of life. Looking forward, this 40-day season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving begins again on Ash Wednesday.

The season of Lent as a period of preparation to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection at Easter is an opportunity for the faithful to undertake the practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving as a means to know Christ better and follow His will more faithfully.

During this season of conversion, Pope Francis invites the faithful to draw from the “living water” of hope, and receive with open hearts the love of God.

On Ash Wednesday, next week, we are unable to have a Mass in the church but will be holding a joint Zoom Mass shared with St Peter’s and Our Lady of the Assumption schools. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ's Resurrection on Easter Sunday, through which we attain redemption.

Tuesday marked the 11th Anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquakes. For all Cantabrians, this day is etched firmly in our memories, we remember clearly where we were and all have our own story. Most of our oldest senior children would have been about a year old when this happened. I was delighted and moved to see the reverence shown by all classes while pausing their day to pray and reflect on this event. We still remember fondly Ivy Cabunilas, a wonderful Filipino mum of twin girls in Yr 7 at the time. Ivy was very involved in the school and attended school camps. May she continue to rest in peace.

Outside learning is happening as much as possible across the school. Please remember to send children to school with warm clothes as we have all doors and windows open. The children are showing excellent resilience during these trying times of mask wearing and outside learning, as are the teachers.

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As parents please continue to ...

Be vigilant for symptoms in your children and keep children at home if symptomatic. Covid symptoms include:

If any symptoms develop, please seek medical advice - which is likely to recommend that your child be tested immediately. Please be vigilant of you and your children’s health, and only send children to school who are well.

Together we can minimise the spread of COVID in our school community and the wider Christchurch community. We can keep the school operating as usual when we start to get COVID-19 positive cases in our school community if we are vigilant and only send children to school when they are well.

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Seesaw, our online platform for communication with you has a fantastic uptake by families. It is where we upload childrens work, photos, reports, notes and information sent home from teachers. The whole school notifications is my best way to update you with changes that are happening. I ask you all to have Seesaw downloaded on your device to keep up-to-date with any alerts or changes that might happen.

Please take a moment to 'like' and comment on your child's posts and encourage them. We hope you enjoy this window into your child's learning journey and it can give you a good conversation starter at dinner.

Seesaw is both a website and an app available on android and iOS. If you have not got a link or a QR code to enable your child's Seesaw please contact your child's teacher.

Faith Facts

Snippets from Pope’s homilies and speeches from the past year for advice for building stronger relationships—with God, with our neighbors and with the earth.

Take one concrete step to become more environmentally conscious. (And start now!)

This year, world leaders gathered in Glasgow to discuss climate change at COP26. While Pope Francis was unable to be there in person, he did share a message. And let’s just say this: He did not hold back.

If you want to do your part to protect the planet, here is the big takeaway from the pope’s words: You should start now. Francis wrote to the conference with a tone of great urgency, recommending courses of action for both leaders and civilians. If there are lifestyle changes you have wanted to make in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, now is the time to get around to them. If there are things you think political leaders could be doing to protect all of us from the climate crisis, make them known—through your voice and your vote. As the pope said, “there is no time to waste.”

Francis’ message also offered spiritual advice for a world struggling with the effects of climate change. “We need both hope and courage,” he wrote. “Humanity possesses the wherewithal to effect this change, which calls for a genuine conversion, individual as well as communitarian, and a decisive will to set out on this path.”


Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for World Mission Day 2022

Proclaim the Good News through your actions.

Missionaries, said Pope Francis, proclaim the Good News of God’s salvation in Christ, not their own abilities or persuasive qualities.

“In evangelization,” he added, “the example of a Christian life and the proclamation of Christ are inseparable. One is at the service of the other.”

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We welcome all new children and their families to Sacred Heart School

Aiden - New Entrants

Noah - New Entrants

Adriel - Yr 2

Liam - Yr 2

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Walk and Wheel week will happen at school from the 7th-11th of March (week 6).

There are lots of fun activities being planned including a meet the teachers at church square and walk to school morning and a fun bring your wheels to school day, where students will be able to play on them at school during the day.

More details about this will follow so keep watching seesaw for more information

Internet Safety

Netsafe has created the Online Safety Parent Toolkit to get parents and whānau talking about online safety. As young people spend more time online, it’s important that parents and whānau can teach their child to have a safe online experience. This page lets you download a PDF copy of Netsafe’s Online Safety Parent Toolkit to use as and when you need.

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Parents are encouraged to make healthy choices from the Sushi Factory as well as Subway. Check out the menu.

Please visit to join up and order for your children.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday 2 March - Ash Wednesday

  • Monday 7 - 11 March - Walk n Wheels Week

  • Thursday 14 April - End of Term 1

  • Monday 2 May - Start of Term 2

Policy Review

We have all our policies and procedures on School Docs. At present we have policies that we would appreciate your feedback on. Please follow the link below and review these policies.

1. Visit the website (note that there is no “www”!)

2. Enter the user name (sacred) and password (heart).

3. Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.

4. Read the policy.

5. Click the Policy Review button at the right-hand top corner of the page.

6. Select the reviewer type "Parent".

7. Enter your name (optional).

8. Submit your ratings and comments.

School Times

A reminder that the school is open from 8.30 am. School finishes at 3.00 pm. Children need to be collected by 3.10 pm. Teachers often have other commitments after school and are often off-site by 3.30 pm.

Medication kept at school.

If you require us to keep any medication at school please contact the office for a form to be filled in. Anything that becomes outdated will be sent home.

Parish News

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