Chartres Cathedral, France

Derek W.


Chartres Cathedral is located about 50 miles south west of paris. The cathedral is surrounded by beautiful buildings and shops. The building is located in the town of Chartres.


The length of the building is 328 feet, and the width of the building is 105-151 feet, and the height of the building is 127 feet. The cathedral takes up 10,875 sq. meters of the ground. The height of the south west tower is about 344 feet, and the north west tower is about 371 feet.

Stained Glass

The stained glass that is placed all along the walls of the church are some of the best glass windows thew world has seen! The glass that was places on the wall was beautifully hand handcrafted! Over 160 stained glass windows are along the walls. The glass dates back to the 13th century. Overall there is about 176 stained glass windows


When your in a plane for example, when you look down at the cathedral it looks exactly like a T. The real name of the cathedral is Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres. Also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres
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The first cathedral that was built burnt down in 1020. Another fire broke out, which destroyed most of the town but the cathedral survive the brutal fire in 1134. A massive storm hit the town the night of June 10, 1194 and a lighting bolt struck the cathedral and ignited another fire and destroyed all of the building, except the west towers.

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