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GCJHS - February 22, 2022


1. COVID -19 Protocol Update - the State Department of Health released updated COVID-19 quarantine guidance for schools that becomes effective on February 23rd. See the message below from Dr. Olin with specific details for all of GCCSC.

2. 8th Grade Students & Parents . . . . it’s time to learn more about our High School and what life will look like for the next four years of your lives :) Check out the On the Road to High School flyer below for more information. RSVP for this event can be found below.

3. CLUBS PICTURE DAY: Since school was closed Friday, group pictures have been rescheduled for Monday, the 28th. Students will be called from classes throughout the day for their various clubs.

4. PSAT 8/9 scores are now available for 8th grade students who took the assessment in December. See the section below that has the steps you will need to take to access the score reports.

5. A presale has begun for 2021-2022 Yearbooks: The cost is $25 before April 11th and then $30 after After 11th. Click here to order.

6. Student iPads have an update available. If you can ask them to do this at home that would be GREAT!

  • Found at Settings / General / Software Updates.
  • This will take a total of 20-25 minutes and 15 of those minutes will be unusable.
  • If they cannot do the update, please submit a tech ticket to support@gcsc.k12.in.us and I will assist.

7. Washington D.C. Trip - 8th graders attending the spring trip need to join the Google Classroom. They will use the code: h6hmqpa There is a form in there that they will need to complete to request their roommates.

8. During lunch this week our ‘Be the Change Club’ is taking orders for Kindness shirts. They cost $20 a piece. See the two shirt designs below in the flyer section.

9. Do you have a Twitter account? Check #GCSC to see some of the GREAT things going on in our school district :) Feel free to post some ‘positive’ pics too.

10. Kindergarten Round Up dates are set at our four elementary schools. See the flyer below for details.

11. Our Scholastic Book Fair is coming soon and will turn the Library into our very own bookstore. Find hundreds of books from new and favorite authors, popular series, cool posters and school supplies, not to mention fun! The Scholastic Book Fair will be here from March 2nd to the 11th and everyone is invited!

Everyone’s invited to our Scholastic Book Fair Family Event! March 7th at 5:30pm, during the Orchestra Spring Event. Bring your whole family! There are plenty of new books for you AND them. For every $20 spent, you will receive ONE raffle ticket to enter in to win a basket of free books from the Book Fair! Mark it on your calendar today: March 7th from 5:30pm-8:30pm.

COVID -19 Protocol Update

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by Aidan Bow


February 21st 1918

On this day in History Troops from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia attacked a strategic point just east of Jerusalem named Jericho, they would be victorious, taking the base from the Ottoman troops and starting the Occupation of Jordan.



February 22nd 2011

On this day an earthquake occurred in Christchurch New Zealand this earthquake was a 7.1 magnitude and ended the lives of 185 people and injured thousands.



February 23 1980

On this day in history famous winter Olympics athlete Hanni Wenzel won 2 gold medals in the slalom and giant slalom.



February 24 1868

ON this day in history president Andrew Johnson was impeached, he was impeached for misdemeanors under the 11 articles of impeachments



February 25 1905

ON this day the Simplon tunnel in Switzerland was completed connecting Switzerland and Italy.


Three lunches and a meme


WELCOME TO SCHOOL LUNCH REVIEWS! MY NAME IS ANNA STUDER, AND I AM A FOOD CRITIC. I HAVE BEEN TAKING PHOTOS OF MY LUNCH SINCE THE THIRD MONDAY OF SCHOOL. I don’t want to make the lunch ladies look bad, because they have to make lunch for 600 students a day, and the government won't let them make things that they could last year, so imagine how difficult it must be. THEY WORK SO HARD, AND I JUST WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Meme of the week: A fancified sammich When your mom asks you what you made yourself for dinner while she was asleep and dad’s at work.

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I hope you thought my reviews were somewhat accurate! Thanks for checking out the lunch ratings by me, Anna Studer, Food Reviewer. See you next week!

Fun Facts and Crafts with Anna Lineback

•The first person convicted of speeding was going eight mph

•“New car smell” is the scent of dozens of chemicals

•The world wastes about 1 billion metric tons of food each year

•The severed head of a sea slug can grow a whole new body

•The heads on Easter island have bodies

•The moon has earthquakes

•You lose up to 30 percent of your taste buds during flight

•Only two mammals like spicy food;humans and the tree shrew

•The “M’s” in M&Ms stand for Mars and Murrie

•The human body literally glows (the illumination is about 1,000 times less intense

than levels of light that we would actually be able to see)

•Copper door knobs are self-disinfecting

•Cotton candy was invented by a dentist

•Marie Curie is the only person to earn a Nobel prize in two different sciences

•The English word with the most definitions is “set”

•Chewing gum boosts concentration

•Space smells like seared steak

8th Grade Student & Parent Information Night

Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, 6pm

810 North Broadway Street

Greenfield, IN

6-6:45 pm – Class of 2026 Presentation for Parents and StudentsAn introduction to the freshman scheduling process for parents and students for the Class of 2026 – located in the GCHS Auditorium

7-8:00 pm–“The End Zone” A chance for students and parents to learn about athletics, clubs, academic, and extra-curricular activities at GCHS.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Kindness Shirts on sale during lunch next week - $20 each

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Scholastic Book Fair for GCJHS

Click the above link to see what books will be available. You can also place orders online :)

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Download Section = pdf.'s

Sports Calendar for GCJHS - Click here . . .

This calendar shows ALL of the current sports events scheduled for our school.

Thank you everyone for your support! We raised $1737.23 through Pink Night!

PSAT 8/9 Scores are NOW available . . .

PSAT 8/9 scores are now available for 8th grade students who took the assessment in December. Parents and students can access score reports by creating a student account with College Board. To get started, use this link: https://account.collegeboard.org/login/signUp.

    1. Select “I’m a student”

    2. Using the student’s information, fill in the boxes in the “General Information” section. The student’s G-C email address can be used when required. It is the student’s ID number “@students.gcsc.k12.in.us.”

    3. Create a username and password and provide the account security questions/answers.

    4. Provide the required parent information.

    5. Once the account is established, and you’ve logged in, click on the student’s name at the top of the screen. Then select “PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 scores”

    6. In the “Score Overview” and “Score Details” areas of the site, you can see the student’s overall score (range of 240-1440), their percentile compared to other students who took the assessment, and their individual scores for reading/writing and math.

Please contact Mr. Sincroft (jsincroft@gcsc.k12.in.us) if you have questions about how to access your student’s scores.
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