Canada 2040 Assingment

Comparing Canada Demography Now 2015 and 2040.


Canada is a great country that provides the immigrants with a better life style than they had in their country of origin, it is also the most favorable place for immigration. In Canada people are given an opportunity to achieve and fulfill their dreams and goals. More immigrants want to come into Canada because of the facilities that are provided for the residents. Some of the facilities include free health care, good education, opportunities to upgrade yourself, get and ideal job and stable position for each resident in the multicultural community. When people apply to come to Canada they have to go through a process. In this process the Canadian immigration officials identify if the applicant is a good choice for Canada. Canada is G-8 member which means that they provide the immigrants with an ideal work system. There are ideal safety and security rules created for your betterment. So why are you waiting! Let’s get you started, and tell you more about how you can apply!

Point System

Coming to Canada is very difficult because there is a point system. The immigrants trying to come to Canada must pass a point system. This system is divided into 6 sections. following:

- English Or French Ability

- Age

- Education

- Job Arranged In Canada

- Experience

- Adaptability

In order to come to Canada, the applicant must get about 67/100 points. Currently, it is getting harder to come to Canada every day. Mostly because, more people come into Canada seeking for the betterment of their life. The Canadian government provides the immigrants with free health care, good education, job of interest, and the basic needs of life.

Categories Of Immigrants

Canada not only accepts immigrants that match their point system but, also uses specific categories to accept other people who want to come.

The Categories Follow As:

Economic Immigrants: The economic immigrants include skilled workers and business immigrants that come to Canada. When these people pass in the point system their whole immediate also gets to come to Canada. To get accepted as a skilled worker the applicant must receive 67 points or more which was created to identify who will become a successful resident of Canada.

Business Class: Business class immigrants must show the immigration officials the willingness and that they have the financial ability to come to Canada and help in improving the economy. People that can make large investments in the provinces of Ontario, B.C, Quebec and Alberta are most wanted.

Family Immigrants: Canada has created this category to reunite families and relatives.

Refugees: Canada has created this category to bring people that are in fear of death or inhumane treatment in their country of origin.

Canadian Demography

The statistics are based on 2012

Population: 34,752,000,000

Birth Rate: 141,000,000/34,752,000,000X1000 = 4.05

Death Rate: 93,000,000/34,752,000,000X1000 = 2.67

Net Migration Rate: 5.65

Natural Increase Rate: 48,000,000/34,752,000,000X1000 = 1.38

Immigration Rate: 106,000,000/34,752,000,000X1000 = 3.05

Net Emigration Rate: 17,000,000/34,752,000,000X1000 =0.48

Canadian Demography 2040 Prediction

I think that the demography statistics of Canada during the year 2040 will be equally distributed. I know this because according to the Canadian governments statistics and also the graphs provided shows that there is an equal population in each age group and gender. I also predict that the natural increase rate will grow because the number of births each year will also rise. This might also create the life expectancy in Canada to be high. In future the emigration rate will also go down because according to the 2012 statistics, it is known that the emigration rate is already low. This means that the population will increase to contemplate all these factors in the future.

How Will Canada Look And Be In 2040 Prediction

In my opinion Canada will be in a good position during the year 2040. I think so due to these factors. since the population will be equally distributed in each age group and gender, the dependency load will increase. this will also result in the taxes to rise because the working population would need to pay for the elder and children population. There might also be more job opportunities for new immigrants and the citizens of Canada. if there are more jobs than the Canadian economy conditions can also get a chance to improve itself. In the years to come there will be many more researches and accomplishments in the science and technology field. education will improve because teachers are going to learn new ways and techniques to teach their class and create a technology friendly community in the school. this might result in professionals being created in various fields of work, due to the improvement in education. health care is going to be more advanced and new solutions for critical illnesses. this will improve the quality of life in the region of Canada. These were my predictions for the future of our country.

Romania Demography

Statistics based on 2014
Birth Rate: 9.27/1000 people
Death Rate: 11.88/1000 people
Net Migration: -0.24/1000 people
Population Growth Rate:
Life Expectancy:
Total population: 74.69 years
Male: 71.23 years
Female: 78.36 years (2014 est.)

Comparison Between Both Countries

Canada has a higher population than Romania. the Death and Birth rate of Romania is greater than Canada, but still Canada has a higher population. Which means that many more people prefer to immigrate to Canada than Romania. Canada is a developed and first world country, but Romania is a developing country with a very bad economic conditions. in Canada there are many facilities available for the citizens (example free health care) but Romania does not have any advantages for their citizens. Which makes the immigrants chose countries like Canada over Counties like Romania.

Canada's demographic and geographic shift


Comparing Canada and Romania by Brahmleen2018