LUSD Safety Committee Newsletter

January 2019

About the Safety Committee:

The Lakeport Unified School District's Safety Committee meets the third Wednesday of each month to review and discuss campus safety. The committee consists of one administrator from each site, Nicole Wells, LAEC, Sunny Dawn, LES, Jennifer Montgomery, TMS and Jennifer Scheel, District Safety Coordinator (CLHS), Superintendent, April Leiferman, Lakeport Police School Resource Officer, Victor Rico, Lakeport Police Chief, Brad Rasmussen, Lakeport Police Lieutenant, Jason Ferguson, Lakeport Fire Chief, Doug Hutchison, Director of Transportation and Maintenance, Dave Norris, Director of Food Service, Jackie Courtney, high school teacher, Howard White, department of maintenance representative, Darren Wells, parent representative, Ryan Raabe, and high school student representative, Nicabec Casido. Each month we have had a full table and have been busy reviewing and updating district emergency procedures as well as exploring new ideas.

What's new...

Locking classroom doors

It is the recommendation of this Safety Committee that all teachers/staff lock their classroom/building doors during instructional time (at the tardy bell ). Those working in the field of school shootings, state the perpetrator is looking for the first unlocked door to unleash their harmful acts.

It is also recommended that the teacher answers all knocks and opens the door. Although it is a bit inconvenient, it is small change that could make a big difference.

Thank you for making this commitment!

**Admin/Maintenance/ Law Enforcement have keys to all sites**

More about Emergency Procedures:

As mentioned above, the Safety Committee has completed the update to LUSD's Emergency Procedures. It is recommended that staff review these procedures often, at minimum, once a quarter. It is important that we prepare ourselves and our students, even if only mentally, for emergency incidents. During these times, our bodies naturally go into what is called the "Fight or Flight" response for survival. Adrenaline immediately spikes, causing fine motor skills to become limited, shaking hands while trying to dial the small numbers 9-1-1, vision and hearing distortion, impaired cognitive skills and rush of blood flow from the extremities to the core causing numbness and impairment in limbs.

There are a million "what ifs," and we simply can't have the answer for every situation, but we can have a plan.

Run! Hide! Fight! This is not a sequence, rather options.

Like Fire Drills, school districts are required by law to practice once a year both evacuation and lockdown drills. In October, LUSD participated in the "Great American Shake Out" (earthquake drill), following the duck and cover portion of the drill, every building evacuated to their designated area.

Early in the month of January, LUSD will participate in an "intruder on campus" LOCKDOWN DRILL. The district safety coordinator or designee, will announce the drill over the district wide all call (PA) system before giving specific instructions. All staff and students are required to participate in the drill by locking their doors (already recommended), hiding under desks and away from windows and remaining quiet in a classroom with cell phones off (per school policy) until the "all clear" is given by the district safety coordinator/designee. In the event a student/staff/visitor is outside of the classroom at the time of the LOCKDOWN DRILL, they should listen to the location of the intruder/threat and Run to the nearest open classroom if available, (in a REAL lockdown they may RUN and/or HIDE off campus).

**This drill is scheduled during regular class time for all sites**

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For the safety of all students and staff, ALL visitors, even those just dropping off items, such as lunch, must first report to the office for permission to be on school grounds. You will be asked to sign in and out, and may be required to show your picture ID for verification purposes. Any visitor failing to sign in at the office will be asked to do so immediately or leave the district's property. Any visitor failing to sign in at the office after the first warning, may be issued a "stay away" letter from the site or district administration.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter. It is extremely important staff is aware who does and does not belong on our campuses.

See Something, Say Something

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A Big Shout Out...

A BIG Shout Out to Lakeport Police Chief Rasmussen, Lakeport Police Officer Rico, Lakeport Fire Chief Doug Hutchinson, LUSD board member Lori Holmes, site admin and Lakeport City Council for presenting and/or supporting our district's Safety Night back in October. We are planning a second Safety Night for our LUSD families, we hope you will able to attend. Date to be determined

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