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If you haven't registered for the Unconference already, here is the link to the website to register. https://www.onslow.k12.nc.us/Page/18184 It is June 13 from 9 am to 2 pm. There will be a ton of really cool technology prizes that you can win for your school, plus you'll learn some neat ways to integrate technology into your classes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email Sachelle Dorencamp.

Data Teams Training

Data teams training is coming! Plan to attend one of the sessions listed below. You may attend again if you have already been trained. The dates for summer training are June 25-26, July 25-26, or August 6-7.

End of Year Honors

Please send Mrs. Shivar your grade level's last 9 weeks honor roll and principal's list, as well as your year-long names for students who have a) made principal's list all year, b) honor roll all year, or c) a combination of both all year.

If you would like to bring all of your students to the final event to see what their peers have accomplished, that is fine. If your team would like to present other awards from teachers such as most level grown, highest attendance etc, please let me know what those awards will be and plan accordingly. We have approximately 45 minutes for each grade.

Retention Data

Here is our current and unculled retention data for the 17-18 school year.

  • We currently have 826 K-5 students and 65 retention candidates.
  • If all candidates for retention were retained, we would retain 7.87% of our current students. That is about three classes.
  • These numbers are based on the letters sent in April, PRIOR TO EOY BENCHMARKING.
  • We routinely see solid growth from MOY to EOY and retentions decrease dramatically.

Percent of possible retentions by grade as of April 2018:

K= 10.84%

1= 11.45%

2= 4.24%

3= 15.2% (remember RTA is in effect here)

4= .78%

5= 2.44%

For 16-17 we had 45 candidates for retention (5.45% of enrollment at the time) 26 were retained. That is a retention rate of 3.15%. For 16-17, one candidate that was promoted from K to 1st is a candidate this year as well. All other promoted candidates are on grade level. All retained candidates from last year are on grade level as well.

Nice work SWE!


If you haven't already please go into your End of Year PDP and note your progress, add artifacts and begin preparing to meet with Mrs. Castle or Mrs. Stitz. If you are unable to access the End of Year Details please email Mrs. Castle of Mrs. Stitz and we can look into it.

Proctors Needed!

We are still in need of proctors for May 30th & 31st. If you know anyone who would like to proctor please reach out to them. They can use the link below to sign up. Proctors do not need to be fingerprinted. If you have military connections please see if there are anyone who may need hours, we can provide a letter with the amount of hours that were volunteered. Please also feel free to copy and paste the URL and send it to your parents.

There is a brief training for proctors and those dates are May 23, 24, 25 & 29th; the times that they can pick from are 8:30, 12:30 and 2:30. If those times do not work, training can be scheduled as needed.



Test Training

Please remember that test training is after school on Wednesday. Please go back to the email that Mrs. Stitz sent last week and review the information attached. Everyone is expected to attend. If you are unable to attend please see Mrs. Stitz as soon as possible to reschedule your training.

At a Glance

May 20: Stitz off campus for PK transition meetings at TECC until 1:00

May 21: Yearbooks go home

May 22: K show 8:45 2nd set of classes, Volleyball after school

May 23: Workshop Wednesday- TOY Report and EOG Test Training for All Staff

May 23-25 & 29: Proctor training for volunteers

May 24: Yoga in Down's room

May 25: Extend 1 Testing, 3rd Grade WAVE


May 29: Last day to check out books Volleyball after school, Fried Chicken lunch and lunchroom coverage for K-5.

May 30: MATH EOG GRADES 3-5, K to park and 1st Grade to Pine Knoll Shores

May 31: ELA EOG GRADES 3-5, Principal's meeting (will probably be canceled), 2nd grade to Pine Knoll Shore, Yoga in Down's room (you need to do this!)

June 1: SCIENCE EOG GRADE 5, last day to return books to the library

June 4: RTA test select 3rd graders and K-2 Math Assessment Score due to Stitz for submission.

June 5: Volleyball after school

June 6: Volunteer brunch 8:45-10:45 any leftover will be open to the staff to enjoy.

June 7: 3rd grade ELA retest select students and final honors event for grades 3-5

June 8: LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS and hero's walk at 8:45

June 11: Locked in Workday

June 12: Locked in Workday

June 13: Work Day, unconference at Dixon Middle School

June 23-27: Castle, Berry, Jacobs, Ashley at ISTE