Christmas around the world

Learn with us in Mrs. Breaks class room177


In Mexico they celebrate las posadas and they hit piñatas. In Mexico people would dress up as a pilgrim and carry pictures of Mary and Josepha and walk around the towns people houses and the last one they go to they say yes and they have a big party with piñatas and they hit the piñatas and goodies fall out and the children haft to pick them up as fast as they can and then they will eat there goodies. Also in Mexico they celebrate day of the dead skull and they celebrate anybody that's died in there family and the make sugar skulls for fun. Also Christmas will last December,12 trough January,6.


In Germany they distract the children and decorate the tree while the kids are eating a very nice meal. Then when there done decorating the children come in and are super excited to see the new decorations and the tree then they put there shoe by the tree or fire place and St. Nicholas comes and brings you treats and some toys but if your bad instead of coal like in the United States you get a lot of twigs in your shoe. So you want to be good all year long if you don't want twigs. Also in Germany you put a carrot in your shoe and St.Nicholas will take it from your shoe.


In Russia they celebrate the tradition of Babushkau. In Russia they celebrate Babushkau and the Babushkau was a person who got asked to go with the three wise men but she said" no I'm to busy to go with you people"so she didn't go with them and then she realized that she should of gone so she went searching but never found the Christ child so now every Christmas she goes to every house on Christmas Eve and gives presents and still looks for the Christ child. People could not celebrate Babushkau for a while because of the communist rule you couldn't celebrate what you wanted. You had to celebrate want the communist rule said. People also would try to sneak celebrating Babushkau. Now in Russia you can celebrate what you want and you don't haft to follow the communist rule.