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Rating : *****

I would recommend that high school students read this.





drug dealers

baby mommas

Lauren was being sexual harrassed by her father and when he eighteenth birthday came she was kicked out and had no where to go.

I walked down the block of the barbershop to see a mad Rio arguing with another man over money. "So you tryna steal from me?" He asked while looking at the money in his hand. "Nah, RIo." The man said shaking his head in fear. Rio bit down on his bottom lip and punched the man in the face causing the man to fall to the ground. He grabbed the man by his shirt collar and gave him a few more face shots. "okay, ok." The man cried reaching into his pocket and passing him the rest of the money. I walked up and Rio noticed my presence but that didn't take him out of character. "Next time I see you, you betta not mess up. "The man stood up and ran down the street. Rio waited until the man was out of sight to turn to face me. "What you doing here?"

Trey Mars