my family tree

by: raelynn sanguinetti

Joseph F. Boswell

Joseph Boswell, also known as James Boswell was born on July 15, 1886. James was born in Kentucky. James's mother was Mary Ann Wilson who was married to his father joeseph John Boswell. Both of James parents were born in Tennessee. James was a farmer on the land he homesteaded in Osborne county Kentucky. As James got older he was married to Jane Boswell on march 18, 1878. Jane was born in Kentucky on September 22, 1843.

James and Jane's life together

James Boswell and Jane Boswell had 2 children together named Denton Boswell and May Boswell. Together the whole family migrated to Wyoming during the great depression leaving behind family, friends, family heirlooms, ext. When in Wyoming James died leaving his wife widowed and his kids fatherless. As the Boswell kids grew older May Boswell found love. May was married to James Margaret Sanderson who was born July 1, 1885.

James Sanderson and May Boswells life together

May and James had 6 kids together. Nadine born in 1913 , Helen born in 1911, Merlin born in 1926, Marie born in 1915, Donna born 1930, and the only boy, James born 1924. Sadly May and James's only some James Jr. Passed away at the age of 3 from sickness Leaving his parents heartbroken. A couple years later James left the family to go help build the hoover dam. May was left with 5 girls to take care of on a dude ranch. James returned after building the dam a couple years later. James dies on November 14, 1961.

Merlin Sanderson and George Airaksinen's life together

May and James daughter Merlin born on august 30, 1926 met a michanic named George Airaksinen he was born march 18 and they fell in love. George and Merlin got married and had 4 children. The oldest was Beverly born in 1950, then Susan born in 1956, then the only son David born in 1960, then the youngest (my mother) Judy born in 1965. The Airaksinen children grew up with a mechanic for a dad and a stay at home mom. Their mother Merlin died on November 22, 2006 from old age. Their father George died from alzheimers and phenmonia. Their daughter Judy married Paul Sanguinetti on November 1, 1987. Judy gave birth to 2 boys and 1girl. Dominic-July 7,1999 Raelynn- June 23, 2001 and Evan- October 6, 2003. Paul is a mechanic and Judy is a hair stylist. The family tree stops here....for now.