Not Bummer Summer

Challenge 3

Time for a ride!

There's always an adventure when amusement parks are involved. Take a trip, and ride the rides. Don't forget to map out how to get there or you might miss out!

Yum! Yum!

What's better than fair food! Cotton candy, Dippin' Dots, Soda.. It's a smorgasbord! Maybe you can make your own at home. Who's had deep fried Twinkies or funnel cake?
Fat Templeton the Rat
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Frisbee Golf!

Ever wonder what those things were as you played in the park? It's Frisbee golf and it's a lot of fun! The goal is to get the Frisbee into the target in the fewest number of throws. Did you know that Frisbee golf is played in 40 different countries? Fred Morrison would be amazed at how this pie plate turned into a game!

There's no such thing as over dessed!

Dress up in your Sunday best or even grander. Go out on the town and enjoy yourself. Plan a fun evening where you are just over dressed for the occasion. Yes you'll get looks, but think of the stories you can tell!