Christmas Carol: Sacrifice

By Emma Cullum

Why You Should Go To The Play:

The Christmas Carol play was spectacular, exciting, and fun. First of all, it has many wonderful special effects that will blow your mind. Also, the acting is phenomenal keeping you on edge the entire time. Meanwhile, all the book has is boring words on a piece of paper, the play is much more exciting. In conclusion, this marvelous play will forever be one of the my favorites because of its great entertainment.

Sacrifice In The Christmas Carol And Real Life:

Sacrifice was the theme we were following while reading the Christmas Carol, but what exactly is sacrifice? One of the many sacrifices Scrooge made during the Christmas Carol to become a more generous man Scrooge gave up some of his money, but ended up better for it. Also, a sacrifice I have made in my life is giving up sports to focus on my academics. Now that we have some examples, we know that sacrifice is just giving something up for something that may work out for the better in the end. After all, what is karma really for?