By, Stephanie R. & Kristina P.

Where Did It Start?

Christianity started in Judea. It is where the Jews lived and practiced Judaism. The Romans didn't like how the Jews were monotheistic for they were polytheistic.

Who was the founder?

The founder was Jesus Christ. He was born of the virgin Mary. Jesus was also very popular for his teachings.

What are some of the basic beliefs of Christians?

Go to church on Sundays. Celebrate Christmas in honor of Jesus's birthday, and Easter for his resurrection. They pray and read the Bible at church and home. Drink the blood and eat the body of Jesus Christ like at the Passover at church. Believe Jesus died for their sins and to reopen the gates of heaven.

Where did it spread?

It spread across Europe. He traveled from place to place to spread the word of God. He told them of his love and hope for his people.